Took the kids to the fair last night

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I took my daughter and my buddy Doug’s kids to the fair last night. It was extremely crowded but the kids had fun and that’s what’s important. When we got there they each ran into friends from school and left me to walk around by myself but that’s what I expected. Before they left me I managed to get a few pictures
I did manage to walk about 5 miles so at least that’s good. Especially since I ate some of the tummy fair food even though it’s not very good for you.


it's about having some fun while spending time with family and friends. a picture is worth a million words.

Thanks for sharing! :-)

Thanks for the comments

Nice pictures as always, you look like a little happy family! :)

looks like fun had by all!
Happy Sunday!

@cleverbot what do you think about this article

I wish that it involved more discussion of the Caliphate of Córdoba.

You obviously had a lot of fun being a good father too

I try but as long as the kids have fun that’s what’s important

Thats true i salute your sacrifice buddy

It’s really not a sacrifice I enjoy seeing them happy that’s what makes me happy

Thats just it. they really have one good father there. Cheers

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cool boss .. hopefully be a family that is always together .. sincerely for his children boss