Busted vacation

in #life2 months ago

Well this weekend did not go as plan, we had a 3 day weekend with family up in prescott, and I was trying to get out and use a stream sluice on the grounds. But Saturday night our 3 month old had a medical issue flare up, that we are scheduled for this Thursday to take care of. But my wife and I had made a emergency plan with the surgeon, and this situation meet the criteria. So at 1030 at night we made the 3 hour drive down the mountain, only to have the er doc agree, and the on call surgeon not want to correct it. So me being upset is a understatement, and it is like talking to a rock. They don't care, so I did not get to use my gold stuff, in fact I left in such a hurry, I left i
t up there.


This game is fantastic. thank you

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