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RE: The Story of Money

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Wow.. I am rather blown away by your post. But I am in absolute agreement.

As a matter of fact, someone has already begun this process of tokenization of self! : This Techie Is Using Blockchain to Monetize His Time

I also remember a video from AMTV on Youtube, where he mentions something along the lines of:

"The world has no idea how truly revolutionary the blockchain technology is, as of yet. It is my belief that the blockchain technology is so pervasive, that a light bulb, will be self-sustaining and monetizing itself directly from the beneficiaries of the light."

Now that's crazy.

The challenge, just as you have identified in your post as well, would be the issue of bridging the gap of tokenization, between interchanging between this currency to that token and so on. However, I believe as we continue to progress at such a rapid pace, there will soon be an innovation that will bring the seamless transaction between al existing token and currencies that are of value.

What a crazy world and an amazing time to live in.

I absolutely loved your post, 100% upvoted, resteemed and followed.
Hope to connect with you more often.

God Speed Brethren.