A toddler , A Shopping Centre and Another on the Way

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I haven't been online lately as I have recently changed jobs. Social media marketing is part of the role now so when I get home at night, the last thing I want to do is open up the laptop. I am still interested in crypto and Steemit of course but Steemit's major threat in not some lad from Tron but it is time. You need to give Steemit time and lots of it to become a part of the community. It's like golf, you have to play it at least twice a week to get any good at it. It was fine for a while when I had time but I do not have the time anymore to write. But this left a gapping hole in my life that I need to fill so I might write a few sports posts or do a free write which I find interesting. I will forget about the price of Steem and all that jazz because I don't think it will take off unless Justin Sun makes big changes and puts some witnesses in their place that think they own the place just because they have a few projects going. If it happens then great but Justin will need to make some big changes because greed is killing the place. So for now I am happy to post a couple of times a week to keep up with the community until I have more time to get back into it. I have another baby on the way in August so I don't know what my time is gonna be like now. It will be an interesting time over the next year.


No time for steem and a baby on the way. Hmmmmm me thinks If u gave up shagging youd have more time for steem. New job, give that up too lololol.

Best of luck @blanchy, we seem to be having another steemian clear out lately.

Ah I'l still be here. Keeping an eye. And Im not shagging that much. Im just have great aim! The nickname is bullseye ! 😂

Drink responsible and have safe sex. Then the aim doesn't matter. Nice work bullseye

Congrats on the new babby. It's dirty work but someone's gotta do it. Sorry to hear you won't be around so much. You're one of the few comedians left around these parts.

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