Constancy of Purpose

in #life3 years ago

For everyone out there, it remains critical that care is taken in whatever we do, and that well-thought-out plans are in place for living. As important as plans are it's pretty much useless if it isn't followed to a reasonable level. Hence, it's very important that we stick to our plans, regardless of what others may say, and regardless of the many hurdles that will eventually come your way.

Of course there will always be fault-finders and those who would attempt to underscore the efforts you put into achieving those things. But truth is, such people do not go far in life and someday it boomerangs and they find themselves asking for help from you who they despised.

Virtually everyone who's successful today has had to battle with discouragement and the option of giving up at some point on their way to the top. To be honest, It isn't an easy one, and breakthroughs usually occur just after their rededication and recommitment to the goal and focus. After all;

There is no known obstacle that cannot be overcome by a person who has the constancy of purpose, a positive mental attitude, and the discipline and willpower to succeed.

Make up your mind to stick to your goals and purpose. Stay, Fight, and Win!