Good is old, good is gold

in #life3 years ago

One of the lessons our parents taught us growing up was to be good to the people we find around us. Whether they were as brilliant as we are or not, whether they're of the same skin color or not. Whether they're our friends or not. For one, we shouldn't be pressured to do good because we're afraid of some punishment. We shouldn't also be willing to do good because we're expectant of others to do good to us in return. It might not really happen. Rather, we were instilled the mindset to do good because we know that it is the right thing to do. In simple terms, we're doing good just for the sake of it.

Hence the topic - Good is old, good is gold. is supposed to remind us of how doing good in our individual ways would set everything right. The world needs more good right now. You can also be a good person.

Be good.