On Physical and Mental health -- Believe it or not, there is a "Synergistic relationship".

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The powers of your mind are truly incredible. So profound is it's effect on your physicality and a lot of things you do that It has become a standard practice when drug companies test new medicines to administer a placebo to a control group. Youve got got to be thinking its good, whatever it is they're doing to you. If the mind thinks the body is receiving medication that will have a positive effect on it, chances are that the recipients of the medicine would show positive signs.

here's what we want to do today: To use the knowledge of your mind 's influence upon your physical health to your advantage by combining your physical regimen with a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. When the necessary steps are taken to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good health, you're more likely to have a positive attitude too. The effect are rarely separable, and goes a long way to prove to everyone that there is a synergistic relationship between your physical and mental health. It goes both ways...

If your mind can make you sick, chances are that it can make you well as well.

Also, as far as physical and mental health go, it is very difficult to maintain a positive mental attitude when you're feeling all sickly and weak in your body. Follow work with play sometimes. There's no need being all serious even in your sleep. Follow mental exertion with physical activities, exercise with rest and relaxation, andtry to balance eating with fasting.

Stay cool.