Staying Updated --- A necessity.

in #life3 years ago


Many a time, we get praised for doing the right things. If it's really impressive, and there's the option to make it happen, we get promoted in our workplaces or classes among out mates. That's a good sign that things are going really well, and that you Really are at the top of your game.

Well, so far so good, what's next?

You see, a lot of people stop there. They finally get the big break they've been looking for, they've had their time under the spotlight and they forget the commitment to practice, the devotion to continuous hardwork, and training.

They begin showing the stuff they're made of, without working on themselves to be better than they are presently.

In simple terms, They don't improve.

Here's the thing,

Living your dreams is good, landing that dream job is awesome. But to keep it, you still need a lot of work to stay top.

Ask some of the famous sportspersons in history. If a champion stops improving, he'll slowly die off and no one would remember him. He'd be living off his past successes and someday, it just won't be enough anymore. He'd have to deliver, or die off.

As we shine on today, let us not be wary of spending some extra time on the things that got us at the top in the first place. Let us not forget to work on ourselves to be better than we were yesterday. Let us not feel we've achieved the very best. Knowledge keeps increasing. Better methods keep coming up. When we fail to stay updated, we lose significance and within a short time, that'll be the end of it.

Stay updated.