Great way to use steem. Hire the best and train them to be even better. I don’t speak mandarin or have the qualities that needed. But if you need some coaching for your employees:-)

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Hi @everyone


I brought most of you here and I would like to thank every single one of you for being always so responsive and supportive.

Today I would like to introduce you all to Daniel Bateman from Blockshine. Had a great pleasure to get to know him lately and we discussed our options on collaborating in the future. I managed to encourage him to invest into STEEM POWER and got him more excited about steemit.

Daniel made great impression on me. Very polite, patient and always very responsive and mature. So this is definetly person I would trust. Which is important in crypto-space. Being accidently related to wrong company or person can affect us all greately.

Most of us believe that it's important to bring businesses into STEEM blockchain and Steemit platform so there we go.

You've amazing opportunity to engage with Daniel and reach out to him with your CV. Im fully aware that this position is not addressed to most of us, but I strongly believe that some of our community individuals could benefit.

So please help us to reach higher audience by RESTEEMing this post.


Hey @crypto.piotr

Got the memo, I understand I am not qualified for this position :D So will Resteem in case there is someone who is interested :)

@shadown99 thank you for your resteem, don't rule yourself so quick. Have another read of the post, we are accepting applications no matter your background, if you have the talent and passion we may consider every application based on their merits. I have upvoted you and will follow your page, and upvote future content.

I think that steemit has a lot to offer to companies and it is also a great entry point to touch people who are already familiar with blockchain technologies. I will gladly resteem this post!

Thank you for your resteem @achim03 we are trying to find the best talent out there with a passion for blockchain technology no matter where you are in the world. Please check out our other posts as well on Steemit!

Knowing you is a blessing.
Thanks for the invitation.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @abidemiademok21 thank you for your wonderful blessing, great to meet fellow steemians on the platform!

Friend has my support, so that this publication reaches more people.
I wish they were in need, of a professor and a graduate in public accounting. and with a lot of knowledge of Payroll staff.

Thank you for the support @lanzjoseg, you have a great steemit page and I will be sure to follow, resteem and comment on future content.

Steemit is indeed a very good spot for a want add like this one. Resteemd the post to spread it around a bit.
Kind regards,

@onnovocks thank you for resteeming, we are very pleased at the positive response this has received, upvoted and followed!

Definitely this is a great thinking to hiring for new and the best talent here at Blockshine. I don't know much about it, but I will resteem this post till late night, so that my fellow steemains aware about the great innovation. thank you my friend @crypto.piotr

Hello @surika thank you for your response and for resteeming, I have been very grateful of the response so far. I will follow you and check out your posts, what other creative ways can you think of to bring the best talent into a company?

Hello everyone! I find very interesting the use of this social network not only for entertaining or learning purposes, but for the education and the aim of finding qualified people to work on the technological areas. I find myself very interested in the offering, but my English level needs to be improve, I am looking forward to do it in the future to keep learning in this social network and interacting worldwide.

@slwzl thank you for your resteem, I totally agree that the use of social media is key for educating the public on Blockchain. I like the positivity in your comment, and your English is superb. Trust me speaking as a British native speaker ;) I have upvoted you and will follow your page, and upvote future content.


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Thank you for your supportive comment @slwzl

Hi @crypto.piotr. I don't qualify for this but I wish to @blockshine the best. This bring to steemit a new perspective, a bridge to develop businesses among cripto users.

I used to think that blockchain is about coins but this concept goes beyond that. I guess blockchain services are also solutions for businesses.

I'm just wondering if these solutions can work withouth a coin.

Posted using Partiko Android

@caribehub thank you for your resteem, if you are looking for a job opportunity and think you are the passion and skills feel free to apply! Thanks for the support! Upvoted!

Thank you for being always so supporitive @caribehub

Thank you @crypto.piotr , I am really happy to support people in their dreams and projects and I trust that this will be successful. Greetings.

@mariita52 thank you for your support, its great to see the positive response from everyone, including yourself, upvoted!

Definitely this is a great thinking to hiring for new and the best talent here at Blockshine. I don't know much about it, but I will resteem this post till late night, so that my fellow steemains aware about the great innovation. thank you my friend @crypto.piotr

I appreicate it @certain and especially resteeming late at night! This community is amazing. I will be sure to check out your page and upvote your posts. Please check out our other posts as well on Steemit! Lots of great content for you to devour!

Im glad you like that idea @certain :) Thx for your never ending support

Thanks for directing me here mate! I hope @blockshine gets the employees they are looking for and help people looking for work! I agree wouldn't it be amazing that someone could be hired for the blockchain from the blockchain lol! Best of look.

Posted using Partiko Android

I hope so too! Thank you for your great comment, I have upvoted you!

Your welcome.

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You're welcome @crypto.piotr . It is definitely time the cryptosphere started to 'mature' both literally and figuratively so we can all push to the next level. You are without a doubt, playing your part. Thank you

Im glad to see how responsive you are @nathen007

Cheers, Piotr

Much appreciated @nathen007 I found your posts really interesting and I have upvoted and commented. Thank you for sharing the love, always looking for new and fresh talent to join the team!

Dear Piotr,

I checked out blockshine and, I am so floored with all the products that they have to offer. Is there like a way for me to learn more about these things?I tried checking into their website to see if there is like a further explanation on them. I am particularly interested on CCER Carbon trading, supply chains, certifications, health care- I am not going to mention everything but this is a new world to me and, I wanted to know more of this world.

Though I am not qualified for the job, I did re- steem and shared it on my social media accounts in case someone out there is interested.

Thank you for convincing Daniel to invest in our community and, giving me an exposure to theirs.


Dear @nurseanne84

I am particularly interested on CCER Carbon trading, supply chains, certifications, health care- I am not going to mention everything but this is a new world to me and, I wanted to know more of this world.

so do I :) I want to know more and Im hungry for that knowledge.

Is there like a way for me to learn more about these things?

But I dont think I can point out one way to learn all of that. It just takes time.


Hello @crypto.piotr,
I trust you are keeping well...
This is a great initiative by a great company! Bringing such job opportunities is just another way of getting the best of those that are already engaged in with blockchain technology while at the same time support and growing the Steemit platform. Wising the @blockshine team more success.

Regards always,

Hello @straighttalk thank you for the great comments! The response so far has been so positive and we hope to bring in the best talent from around the world! I have checked out your page, fantastic to see someone promoting education in Canada!

I'm glad to read your kind comment @straighttalk :) thx buddy

Thank you for resteeming @naijauser we are trying to find the best talent out there with a passion for blockchain technology no matter where you are in the world. Do tell me more what you are up to? I will be sure to check out your page and upvote! Please check out our other posts as well on Steemit!

Thank you for your wonderful post and introduction @crypto.piotr. I am very grateful for what you have done and hopefully this is the beginning of something special. I hope to connect with more people on this platform and help to show the world the benefits of blockchain technology.

Appreciate your kind and comment @blockshine

Have a great upcoming weekend

I'm tweeting the post out. I hope the help comes through :)

That's so very kind of you @fitinfun

Thank you for retweeting! I will take a look at your page!

I resteemed and shared it on Twitter and Facebook. Good luck

Thank you @yaleal for not only resteeming but also sharing on twitter and facebook! I have sent you a big thank you upvote, and I will be sure to check out your page and follow and upvote your future posts. We have a Blockchain Centre office in Medellin in Colombia now, so a super Spanish speaking team, we hope to expand more in South America!

At this time I can wish best of luck, I've resteemed this post and will also ask my friend to share this on his wall so that it would reach to maximum people.

@numanbutt a big thank you for resteeming this, and for reaching out to more people, this community has been amazing, I will check out your wall! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

No worry. I'm always here to help others as much as I can. This plateform is really great and people try to help others but on other plateform people just want to grow themselves and don't know the power of unity. @blockshine

Posted using Partiko Android

Appreciated @numanbutt, I agree its been a wonderful platform to share ideas, learn things and use this great technology. Let us all unite! Looking forward to more content from you, I especially liked steem monters posts!

You know.. it's a good time to build a blockchain run job sharing and work related/career posts type app..


thank you @crypto.piotr for linking me..

It's an excellent idea, thank you darrenfj, maybe Blockshine could build it for you ;)

If nothing else, the comments and article sharing could be a Dlike/Steem type interface..

@darrenfj put a business proposal together and we could look into ;) I really liked your blog post yesterday! Keep them coming! What inspires you with your posts?

Ah you know, I just post whatever comes to mind..

But, I'm defense, I've been bloggin and commenting online in various formats for years..

Forums, Slack and gitter communities, Livejournal..

I even go back to BBS's

Speaking of business proposals.. I'm surprised we don't have a decentralized plug-in for other blogs and website similar to but based on the blockchain..

Thanks Piotr for bringing me here. Just another great way steem can help move the world forward. Way out of my education zone. But I'm sure there will be a very talented person just waiting for this opportunity. Let hope it a Steamian.

Thank you for your supportive comment @andyjem

It's a good idea and I will help you share the message

Thank you for your supportive comment @chibuzorwisdom

Thank you @chibuzorwisdom for you positive comments. I will be sure to check out your page and upvote your posts. Please check out our other posts as well on Steemit! Lots of invaluable content. Much love!

Because of my trust on you, so I have my eyes on this one. Upvoted and resteemed! :)

Much love @iamjadeline, I have upvoted you! And I will check out your other posts! Please check out our other posts as well on Steemit! We have a vast array of super Blockchain content on there!

Thanks Piotr, resteemed!

Thank you @pangoli for resteeming, I have followed you, super posts, looks to digest!

Hire Me! :)

Send me your CV, will be happy to view it!

A regular resume wouldn't work?

I will be touching up my CV and applying - thank you @crypto.piotr for sending me a memo about this!

hi @ecoinstant

perhaps you could also send your CV to me on my email? [email protected]

I would love to see what's your experience (especially related to blockchain). Perhaps in the future I could find ways to collaborate and benefit both of us.


Hello @ecoinstant I look forward to reading your application and thank you for resteeming, I will be sure to follow you on steemit!

Oh! Really nice initiative. I am not qualified for this but I have just shared on Twitter and Facebook. I will personally talk with some blockchain enthusiast that I know too!

Thank you @akomoajong for sharing, I have upvoted you! You may be qualified, I will assess every application on its merits so feel free to apply if you have the drive and skills. I have followed your page, I will be sure to check out your posts!

This is a great opportunity for which I acknowledge that I am not suitable, however I know that on the steem platform there are very competent people and it will not be long before they find the person you need.

Thank you very much @crypto.piotr for bringing me up to date on this, I will resteem this post so that it reaches more people.

Thank you for the support @darthgexe and for resteeming, I will follow you because I think your posts looking interesting. Always welcome anyone to apply if you have a passion for blockchain.

Interesting job, I am planning to move to Puerto Rico soon yet could spend some time in China first... I just finished working with Microsoft today as their lead technician and flying to Brooklyn next week to set up projection for the UFC. I have family in the Philippines so working in China sounds appealing and I will be emailing you my resume soon. Also buying some DGGXF, seems to be on sale currently.

Hi @dynamicrypto thank you for your great comment! I look forward to your application! We are open to candidates from all over the world and you do not need to be based in Shanghai, but if you are based here great!

Hi @blockshine, I was directed to your post by @crypto.piotr. Unfortunately I do not have a strong background in blockchain technology, law, finance, sales and marketing. I resteemed your post instead and I wish you all the best! I hope you will find the right people to work at Blockshine.

Kind regards,

Hello @evlachsblog thank you for your post, even if you're not particularly strong in those areas, you may have other skills which are valuable for Blockshine. Check out our website and see how you may be able to add value. I have followed you on steemit because I like your posts are real value.

How stuck are you on University Degree?

Will a college diploma, 25 year sales/business ownership experience, and a passion for blockchain technology be an equal or superior substitute?

I like your comment.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hello @zekepickleman good question. Its not imperative, but we will consider every application based upon on their merits. Please email your CV and cover letter into email Daniel at [email protected]

Hi, Blockshine @blockshine

Wow what a great opportunity.
I regret that my English is not fluent, but I must admit that it is an excellent job offer.
I'm a university professor, my area of ​​knowledge is accounting and the state accounting.
I know that in my country Venezuela, there are many qualified people, so I will give it to resteem so that it can reach my community.

But it would be a great opportunity to escape from this oppressive country.

A very cordial greeting- from Venezuela

Hello @lanzjoseg having fluent English is not imperative, if you know of talented people in your network do let them know, we have an office in Colombia now. Always looking for new talent, the job desciption is a basic template but I will assess every candidate on their merits. I have upvoted!

Professional/Native fluency in English is a must. Knowledge of Mandarin is a plus but not necessary. (HSK 4 and above). - Yes for both and also several Chinese dialects including Cantonese and Minnan as well.
University degree or diploma. - Yes qualified
Experience in sales and marketing. - Experienced with marketing but not sales
Strong writing and communication skills. - Both are Ok
Background or strong interest in finance, law, business and blockchain technology. - All are good, expect law

Good luck for finding your ideal candidate there @blockshine :)

Hello @wilhb81 thank you for your comment. Fantastic to see you hit all of the criteria, its not imperative you hit them all but all the better to hit them! Send in your CV, it would be a pleasure to read if you're looking for a new challenge and opportunity. You should check out @haogeili he has a fatastic page on steemit with informative content for Chinese speaking users. I will definitely follow you and check out your posts. :)

Hi @blockshine :)

Hehe, I will surely send my CV to you (It can be bored or entertain based on your own point of view)

Yeah, I've been a fan of @haogeili on Youtube since last year. He's really know how to be smart and dashing :D

Thanks for the follow, returned you the favor :)

Hi @wilhb81 haha you're funny. I look forward to reading your CV.

@haogeili's videos are very funny, inspiring and have really invaluable information so I watch all his videos. They are also a great tool for learning Chinese for a Laowai like me.

Feel free to check out my previous posts and show some love. :)

It's fun and entertaining to chat with you there. I will surely check out your posts 😀

Posted using Partiko Android


Dear @blockshine,

This is such good news and a great offer, I'm very tempted by. @crypto.piotr recommended this post to me and I'm glad he did as it is always nice to see that people with my expertise and background are needed particularly on the blockchain.

In the hope that you find the right person for this job position, your post is resteemed and will be included as a promo link in the Barbarella live on the Ramble radio both show and post with the recording.

Best of luck and may you have a prosperous 2019!

Kind regards,

Thank you so much @ravijojla! It is a very exciting opportunity and I appreciate you spreading the word, please check out our other content as well, lots of juicy stuff for blockchain enthusiasts to digest. I had a look at your page, super content, followed and upvoted?

Thank you for your supportive comment @ravijojla

Hi @blockshine, can you show your office and also certain teams in a video?
Munkin will have an impact on all viewers in the whole world that #Blockshine is truly real and deserves to be trusted by the public throughout the world.

In my opinion, as long as any text you write, with one minute the video will make that information truly perfect ...

Thanks. ,, #ilikeblockshine ....

Hello @sudutpandang thank you for your message. Please check out the requested videos here:

Good ,, perfect.

Thanks for sharing ...

Posted using Partiko Android

@sudutpandang cheers for the support, I had a look at your page which I am now following, how's life in Indonesia?

Hi Daniel, I'm not able to relocate at this time, but resteemd your post to increase your chances of finding some one to fill the open position.
Best of luck!

@onnovocks, good job man! Keep on resteeming such kind of posts. Many people need jobs.

Got this one from Piotr, but I will resteem more if I find them.

Thank you so much!

Posted using Partiko Android

@onnovocks thank you for your resteem, we do have remote positions as well as stated in the job description, if you have the passion to do the job we are always looking for the best talent.

First of all thank you @crypto.piotr sharing this post with me. Because of I get to know about @blockshine.

This is great that you are using this medium to hire professionals. Specially in blockchain space - I am damn sure you will get right guy somewhere from steemit. Already resteemed and shared with friends.

Based on this post I am also thinking to sharing my work - Website design, App work, logo design here on steemit. What do you think @crypto.piotr ??

@flash07 thank you for your post and for resteeming, we are also looking for other talent aside from international development managers, if you have the talent, experience and passion we may have a position for you. Check out and let me know what value you may be able to bring. Upvoted!

Thank You @blockshine. Will look in to for sure.

Hi @blockshine I have come to this post through my dear friend @crypto.piotr
Understand that you're looking to hire Business development manager. I will try to share this requirement with my colleagues and friends so that they can also share it further in their circles and you may get the deserving candidate for this post. Want to know if you're are hiring for countries like Singapore or Malaysia as I have few friends who are working in Singapore in business development and have good experience in attracting new business and clients. I am not sure whether they are looking for change but once you confirm about it then I will surely share it with them and check if it's relavant to their profile and incase they are interested. I have also resteemed this post to reach more people. Thanks.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you for your great comment @alokkumar121 :) Appreciate your never ending support.

You're always welcome dear @crypto.piotr

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @alokkumar thank you for your resteem! Yes the position is for all countries! Check out the job description again, it does include remote positions. I have upvoted you!

Hello @blockshine, great to see you advertising on steemit. Hope you find someone from here.

Have resteemed the post, and thanks @crypto.piotr for bringing this to everyone's attention.

I would have been interested myself but can't relocate to shanghai. If ever, India becomes more open to blockchain and you need a regional guy, let me know. Actually will follow you to see updates you share.

@karamyog thank you for the resteem. The position is an international position, we are looking for remote candidates as well. Check out the post again, if you have the passion, drive and think you can add value, then send over your CV!

Sending. fingers crossed and excited to learn more about this.

Thank you for your great comment @karamyog :) Appreciate your never ending support.

Haven't been able to support everywhere @crypto.piotr but surely will wherever i can.

Always @crypto.piotr good information and a great introduction of this company. With what i have read i would have loves to work with this company but at the moment am not qualified but its a good thing for people who are enthusiast about the blockchain.
Its an enormous opportunity and am so happy for this kind of opening its great to know.
My question are:

  • Is @blockshine able to employ all over the world.
  • Does @blockshine has a branch in any west African country?

Thanks for sharing such lovely information am impressed.

Hello @deeclown, the simple answer is yes, we are looking for the best talent all over the world. We have a blockchain centre in Rwanda opening up, and are looking into Africa for new opportunities. Feel free to send over your CV to the email in the post!

Great to see you in 2019 my dear @deeclown :)

re-steemed ;) @crypto.piotr just sent me link and I also think this kind of hiring should be promoted one way or the other... Otherwise, users on steem mostly just look at user's rep (37) and do not even read any content of anyone whose reputation is so low. I hope you will get dev. manager who will fit your needs

Cheers for the resteem @worldfinances I hope so too, we welcome any applications if you think you can bring value to Blockshine, upvoted!

Interesting proposal, they have not thought of opening a headquarters here in Venezuela, in the capital Caracas, it would be very beneficial for people with university degrees who earn minimum salaries, or even worse that they are unemployed and think about the difficult decision to leave the country, when really Venezuela needs them. Currently a friend and I are almost unemployed, because a salary does not even last two days, and the situation is very difficult.
I insist it would be an opportunity for many people who know about cryptocurrencies and steemit.

Hello @pauli0600 thank you for your suggestion, I will definitely take it on board. Blockshine is expanding to Japan and Singapore now and also South America! We also have a Blockchain Centre in Colombia now for start ups. Check it out here:
If you have the passion and talent, feel free to send me your CV, I view every CV with an open mind.

@crypto.piotr already upvoted and resteem my friend

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @rahnarhewins90 thanks for resteeming and upvoting, great to connect with a fellow blockchain enthusiast, I will be sure to follow your page, looks like you have some awesome content on there.

Thank you so much. Really appreciate it. I'm still quite new here still a lot to learn.

It's nice to know that you like my content. Looking forward to seeing you on my page :)

I will always try to support great content such as yourself and the others. Just wish I had more time here in steemit hehe

Posted using Partiko Android

Your're more than welcome, this is what it's all about, connecting with amazing people through the blockchain. What inspires you for your content?

For me peoples experiences and my own. That is what the series is all about

Posted using Partiko Android

Yea personal connection is key, thank you for sharing

No problem looking forward to your next post

Posted using Partiko Android

I have resteemed this post to help you finding the right talent. Dear @crypto.piotr I am sorry, I don't know the suitable person for this post but I think resteem will help a bit. Have a great time.

Dear @akdx thank you for your encouragement and resteem, it's a pleasure to meet fellow steemians on this platform and to see the great content you are producing. I parricularly like you your latest post on what causes high blood pressure, very interesting. We should all have that healthy lifestyle balance!

Thank you for this nice comment my friend.

I hope to see more of you on my page, I will be sure to check in to your page. Whats does the future hold in store for @akdx?

I am following you. I hope I'll see many interesting posts from you in future.

Likewise, I will keep a beady eye on your page ;)

Thank you dear! It's my pleasure.

upvoted and resteemed and followed woop woop @crypto.piotr 🤗

Posted using Partiko Android

@khussan thank you for upvoting, resteeming and for following! I really appreciate the support and positivity, I have followed you back on Steemit!

Thank You 🤗

Posted using Partiko Android

Could apply, but i'm busy with my project. Also, i'm not a native english-spoken, which is a less; and no idea about mandarin, what a mess. Good luck with your search. Daniel. By now i gotta resteem this and vote...

Hello @maikelblogo, thank you for your resteem and vote. To be honest if you have a professional level of English that is sufficient and Mandarin is only if you are based in Shanghai. This position is also remote as stated in the job description.

If you would ever need someone who could help build solid community around your project, then Im your guy @blockshine :)


We will be in touch my friend...I am in a big fan of your content!

I love to hear that @blockshine :)

And so far vice versa. You're very representable on youtube. Im sure you know it.

We hope more people can join the Blockshine family soon around the world!

How do you see yourself, a community manager or influencer looking to that particular job? @crypto.piotr


It's hard to give one strict answer to your question.

I'm personally not desperate to look for a job as I have my own small business bringing me passive income but at the same time I would love to work closer with few projects which I trust.

ps. I noticed that you resteem a lot. do you guys publish your own content as well?


@cryto.piotr you are doing a great initiative by helping people all around here on steemit. and this bussiness kinda work is not understandable by me. but I support any cause which let community spread.
Keep flourishing.

Just bumped into this, i think i have some qualities that would enable me apply and get accepted, definitely am trying this out.

Upvoted and Resteemed for more visibility

Welcome to Steemit Dan.
Happy New Year. :)
Thanks to @crypto.piotr

Wow what a great opportunity @blockshine

Thank you @sacra for your positive comment, please follow and resteem, and check out our previous posts. We are always looking for the most dynamic and passionate talent out there.

Happy to help @crypto.piotr I have been out of work this year and at the end of my rope. Just ate my last can of soup. I got out of comm. engineering ($50k+ gig) and have struggled to earn more than even $11/hr take home. Not worth doing anything at that point. Even Shanghai LQQKs like an option ! So I will re-steem with the hope I can help someone else find a dream J.O.B. - brother-in-arms

@lanceman no need to fear, a new year, and a new beginning. If you are passionate about blockchain and have the passion then apply, you can work remotely as long as you can build connections and love the industry!

Awesome! Thank you for the inspiration @blockshine!! STEEM ON brother

Likewise, thank you for introducing me to some others content on your page, inspiring stuff.

Hi @blockshine it is great to see professional business seeking out to the Steem Community and thanks to @crypto.piotr you have find your way here. I certainly won't fit your job profile but just in case you are curious on other Steem places to look for potential professionals than is also a good place to go.
From your blog post I can tell that you are very interested in decentralized exchanges and on Steem you will find @blocktrades as one of the major exchanges. But there are also new projects coming up like the first automated Steem powered NFT (non fungible tokens) exchange with @steemmonsters as its first product that is traded.
Since, is having troubles with completing the SMT (Smart Media Tokens), probably because of a leck of professional business advisers like you, there are now many other projects that try to bring smart contracts and sidechains to the Steem Blockchain.
We already have a couple of good active Dapps and communities here just check out
I hope you will find the Steem Blockchain worth exploring and probably also contributing in the future thru professional adivsory and funding.
Welcome to Steem @blockshine

@masterthematrix this is wonderful information, thank you so much. I will be sure to check everything and your page, its amazing to connect with so many positive people such as yourself! You seem to be doing pioneering things in this space! I will follow you.

It's great to see you guys using STEEM blockchain. We easily have the most active community in the blockchain projects although our tech development is lagging behind the schedule. Wish you best of luck!

@crypto.piotr sent me here :-)

Hi @vimukthi thank you for your lovely response! I am very proud to be a part of this community and shining the light for blockchain technology, and if that means sharing this great company that I work for and bringing the best talent on from the steemit community, wonderful! I will follow you and check out your other posts, looks like an interesting page!

This is a real example of the opportunities that the platform can provide by sharing and relating within it, I fully support this post doing reestem so that this information can reach the right person and maybe change his life.

I hope that thanks to the platform, Daniel and @blockshine get the right person, I wish I could help a little more apart from the reestem :)

Thank you @roronao thank you, we also love this community and want to engage and help to develop it even further. I have followed you ;) Feel free to check out our other posts and resteem to spead the Blockshine word!

First of all I want to thank you for developing such an important project that can help blockchain technology. And of course help people who are currently looking for a new job opportunity.

Hello, @blockshine I have read all the information and I find it very interesting, unfortunately I am not qualified for the position sadly for me ... !!!

The only thing I can do right now is reesteem the information and we can possibly find the preson fit and professional for the position ..

I would like to be in touch with you, so I would like to follow you to know and read a little more of the information you share on steemit.

I´m really sure that @crypto.piotr can help us too much, I consider him as an expert in this area ...!!!

Mr @edgarare thank you for your lovely post, you may well be qualified for the position, take another look ;) Thank you for resteeming and please check out our previous posts. Yes @crypto.piotr well and truly is an inspiration for the steemit. I will follow you! Check out as well!