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RE: The Splendor Of The Beard - Don't be weird. Grow a beard.

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Okay, but sometimes I`m thinking that the Beard is being grow as a something that is projecting masculinity. Most people i know that are having beard, lumbersexual beard, are indeed soft guys.


Santa for example big old softy with a big old beard. Some of the best softies are bearded beasts. Beards on the right guys emote a kind of big gentle giant look. I am all for bearded men I am glad that an interesting type of grooming came back in style for men. They so rarely get chances to fix themselves up nice. I mean sure their are the crazy hobo beards but the beards I respect are the ones that are looked after. I watched a beard contest by chance and the man who won second place was so passionate about beard grooming, he was well kept and a very dignified air about him. He lit up the room...and it was all over a beard ha ha. He lost to the guy that had made a train track out of his beard and had braided it around his head and then had a little train go a long the track. I wanted the other guy to win.