Borran's Beer Review: Enter Night Pilsner

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Hey everyone!
Today, I'm reviewing a Pilsner called Enter Night Pilsner from the brewery Stone Brewing - Berlin. I'm a big fan of Metallica, so of course I had to buy this beer, even though it's a quite expensive beer. Let's see what we have here!

Description of the beer:
"In collaboration with Metallica, this beer represents the cataclysmic collision of two uncompromising supernatural forces. It' s a crisp and refreshing Pilsner that, much like the band, transcends genres, shatters preconceptions and challenges convention."


History & Facts:
- Stone Brewing - Berlin is owned by Stone Brewing Co.
- It's a 100 hectoliter brewery in Berlin that went into operation in June 2016.
- At the same time they opened a full restaurant and gardens, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens - Berlin.
- In 2018, the company also opened "Stone Brewing Tap Room", another restaurant with 1200 seats.
- In April 2019 the entire Stone Brewing - Berlin operation was sold to Scotland-based BrewDog.


Here's a list of their most well known beers:

White Ghost Berliner Weisse
Stone Go To IPA - Berlin
Stone Ruination Double IPA - Berlin
Stone IPA - Berlin
Stone Ripper - Berlin


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Appearance: clear golden color with a medium white head.
Smell: floral and herbal hops, malt notes.
Mouthfeel: medium body, medium to high carbonation.
Taste: quite dry, crispy, floral hops, pretty bitter finish.

A fresh, crispy and flavorful beer. One of the better pilsners I've had in a while. I really like the art and graphic design on the can too. I would definitely buy this beer again if it wasn't so expensive.
Verdict: My rating: 3.75 out of 5. I hope I'm not biased, just because I happen to like Metallica! ;)

Enter Night Pilsner:

BreweryStone Brewing - Berlin
CountryBerlin, Germany

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Camera: Nikon Coolpix P900/Nikkor 83X Wide Optical Zoom 4.3-357mm f/2.8-6.5.

Please drink responsibly!

I hope you enjoyed my post! Thanks for stopping by!


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Thank you!

Metallica doesn't scream pilsener to me, not many things do, maybe a big aggressive IPA but then again maybe subverting expectations is the point.

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