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John McDonnell says Labour “took a hit” in the EU elections. He then said if there was no general election, then he’d support a second referendum. Undemocratic bastard.


We’ve already had a second referendum in the form of the council elections and then last night we even had a third referendum in the form of EU elections.

The Lib Dem’s and greens trying to make out that they did better than The Brexit party is insanity. Nationally, they were twelve or fourteen percentage points behind them.

It was hilarious. Their various representatives on tv, desperately answered elected Brexit party MP’s when they said last nights election was a second referendum by saying that it wasn’t at all.
But then in the next breath, the biased beeb and these same Lib Dem/Green/Labour reps were saying that if you combined all the votes cast in last nights election, it showed that people wanted to remain in Europe? So they were looking at it in terms of a second referendum after all.

But the BIGGEST point to make here, the thing that will be sending shock waves through the establishment is this.
That ALL of the main parties in last nights elections were ALL established parties. ALL of them have been around for decades, hundreds of years in some cases. All of them had core support and all of them had other issues that they were campaigning on.
After all, it was an election right? And they all had manifestos outlining their policies and so some of the people who voted for them will have voted for other things in their manifestos, not just the issue of Europe.


The Brexit party is only FIVE or SIX weeks old. It had no core vote to rely on, it had nowhere near the amount of helpers, or the political machine behind it as the established parties did and it had no manifesto. It stood on one issue and one issue alone and that was that this country should honour the referendum result and leave the EU.

It really was as simple as that.

And they didn’t just win, they annihilated all the other established parties. That is absolutely unheard of.


When you look at the other newly formed party Change UK and see what they did...nothing, then you know how massive last nights result is.

In leave areas, the difference between The Brexit Party in first place and Lib Dem’s or Greens in second was 32%. But in remain areas where the Lib Dem’s or Greens came first and The Brexit Party came second, the difference was only 10%.

Last night, I sat and I watched history being made. Never before has what happened last night, happened before in British politics...ever. It was an uprising of people in this country telling the political establishment, again, abide by the democratic will of the people and listen to the majority.

The commentators on tv tried to put their spin on it, they tried to play down the magnitude of what has happened, they even tried to ignore it and rubbish it by still insisting that they were right and there should be a second referendum. And this arrogance, this willingness to disregard democracy is what Brexit is now about. It’s not about being a member of the EU, or trade, or whatever, it’s about the political establishment abiding by the democratic will of the majority of people who took part in the 2016 referendum. People are tired of this arrogance from our globalist, EU loving politicians and that is what the issue of Brexit has become. The British people know that if the 2016 result is disregarded and a second referendum is held, then democracy in this country is dead and that is why I will do whatever I can, to ensure that doesn’t happen.

The hysterical thing was, their spouting and desperate puffing and blowing was all absolute fucking bollocks. Last night, as one of the only commentators on the programme who told the truth said to the Lib Dem’s, Greens and Labour reps, and he wasn’t even from The Brexit Party he was a Tory...

“Tonight the British political establishment have been bent over the table by the British people and well and truly been given a good seeing to and you know it”

By gum, bent over the table and given it? Hahahaha, didn’t they just...


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