Fruit and Veg through God's Eyes - by @bigbear

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We do not always realise how God look at things, here is a video that show how the fruit and vegetables in the world make up the human body parts.

Courtesy of you tube

What I find most interesting is that the vegetable or fruit that is shown, actually work for what it looks like.

This was so amazing to me that I did think there would be more people that would like this and even enjoy it.

We always eat food, without thinking about it. This was very interesting as these Chinese people saw this and figured it out 5000 years ago.

I have never thought of food in this way but it truly is incredible.

I truly hope you enjoy this and find it as interesting as I did.

Next time you eat something think what it helps for and think how all this shows us the way the body uses these vegetables and fruit.

I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

We always just accept that things are available, but we have never thought about how they really resemble certain parts of our body.

Have a great day.


Beautiful .. Thanks for the information, Glory to the Creator
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

I liked the video a lot because it contains useful information.

Dios creo todo con un próposito, las verduras y frutas tiene sus beneficios para los seres vivos. Buen Post.

this is exceptional

I do like all topic about nature. Thanks for the posting.

I loved the video, This is amazing, thanks for sharing :)

you post a really true news, hare i see that which subject you find about your topic is absolutely true and 100% right. thanks for your very valuable post

thank you for your perfect news. you really good man. because, health = life. i think that.

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