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There once was a young man who got married, and realised they live high on top of a mountain and they will never be able to live from the money he makes if they have a family.

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He told his wife he had to go away and find a good work so that he could make some money for them.

Before he left they promised to be loyal to each other until he can come back, and have a decent life.

They made the promise and he left.

He walked for a very long time, through the woods and kept walking.

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He then met a man at a farm who was looking for someone to work for him.

They came to an agreement and he worked for him on the condition that the man would not give him any of his salary until he wanted to leave.

But once he wanted to leave the farmer had to let him go.

He worked for this farmer for 20 years and then said I must go home now as I think I have enough to look after my wife.

The farmer said I will make a deal with you, you can have all your money or I will give you three pieces of advice.

Go and sleep over this and then decide what you want to do.

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The next morning the man who worked very hard for 20 years said, I will take your advice please.

The farmer reminded him that he will not receive any money if he except the advice, but he was adamant and wanted the advice.

He told the farmer he understood and the farmer said the first piece of advice is you must never take any shortcuts in your life it can bring you into trouble and cause you lots of pain.

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Secondly never be over curios a as it can be costly and bring you into trouble.

Thirdly never make a decision when you are angry go and calm down and then when you feel better then go and tackle the problem you have.

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When he left the man gave him three bread roles and said, the first two is for you to eat but the third one is to share with your family.

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They thanked each other and the man left to go home to his wife. He could eat two of the bread rolls along the way but had to keep the third to eat with his wife.

He walked back to where he was supposed to go and when he got to a certain place, a man said to him where are you going.

He told the man that he still had to walk a long distance to get home but he would get there.

The man said if you take this other road you will save a lot of time as it is a very short cut to where you are going.

He thanked the man and started walking on the short cut and suddenly thought back about the three pieces of advice he received from someone he trusted.

He then turned around and walked back on the long road.

That night when he got to a small town he looked for somewhere to sleep.

They gave him a shack to sleep in for the night. Later that night he heard this screaming and shouting and jumped up to see what is happening and was suddenly struck by the second piece of advice curiosity can bring you into big trouble.

He turned round and went back to sleep.

The next morning when he left and thanked the man for the shack that he slept in the man said did you not here the noise and wanted to see what was going on he said no and left.

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Then he walked to where they lived and saw his wife with a man that she was kissing and holding very tight.

He was very angry and wanted to kill her and him but he left and got over his heartache and went to the house the next day.

He did want to see his wife as he had really missed her.

She was so happy and ran into his arm, and said you are home.

He said no I am going back I just wanted to say that I saw you with another man yesterday and that was not what we agreed when I left.

She was so surprised and said that man is your son just after you left I found that I was expecting our first child and he was 20 years old yesterday.

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The man felt very happy and was so glad that he followed all the advice that the man he had worked for, had given him and sat with his wife and son and ate the third piece of bread that he was given.

When he opened it all the money he had worked for was in the bread roll so they were all very happy.

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So sometimes it is very important to take advice from people you trust and listen. This we can always teach our children as it can turn out to be a wonderful life after that.



Awesome storyline..... So much life lessons derived from this; it is neccessary to be patient, tolerable and have a good level of understanding, because that's what will guide us in life's long race.
Thanks so much for sharing this..... It's worth the read

Now this is and absorbing story. Just reminds me of all that I have missed with my kids. They grow up all too soon!

A wonderful and expressive story

Me encanto esta maravillosa historia amigo, algo en especial para ver y vivir la vida de una forma diferente muy buen post exitos

Nice story and aptly presented.
The worst decisions are made when angry with a mind that is distorted.
Thanks for sharing

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