Saving a planet in a different way - by @bigbear

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It is so wonderful to see what some people can can create with basically nothing.

I am not one of those people. But to me it is an incredible bright idea.

Imagine making lamps and even storage holders for different things like sugar, tea etc.

I was so stunned to see what this man can do with only his two hands. I thought that there would be more people who would enjoy it.

It really is unreal that anyone can do this.

It is some of the best art I have seen. There are artists who can paint and do wonderful things.

I really wish I had that ability but, there is only room for some of them in life.

We all have some ability not always so obvious but if we try we will find it.

I am showing you this video as it really blew my mind, just like the one of the fruit and the bodies.

I think it must have taken a lot of practice, endurance and love to carry on until he had reached his goal.

I really take my hat off to someone like this.

There are more but he really struck me as being very good because he only uses his hands.

Imagine how much less garbage there would be in the world when people start using it to make beautiful things.

image source

It is just like “light for life” that use the bottles to make solar power in homes with only a bottle and water. All plastic 2 litre bottles can be used for a very good cause.

Video of the man who works with his hands.

image source.

Thank you from @bigbear


Art is a wonderful way to save the planet, in my opinion. It takes things that other people considers garbage, and turns it into something amazing, that can be reused even if only by ways of making people happier. This is a nice aspect of recycling, I love this :-)

What a clever guy . Arent we supposed to find the talent we have inside us before it is too late ?
Oh , my ..... I am so pissed there are so few people like you . And unfortunatelly i am one of them . I am so pissed on me . Thanks for making me realize how important are other things that can really improve our lives .
Roll on .

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Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.

Awesome post with nice photo & content. Thanks..

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Stunning! It makes you think how this guy started though. Probably having a few beers with friends and just started pushing on the can, maybe as a nervous tick or something.

After a while, he notices that, hey, I'm making some cool patterns! I wonder how I could make something really cool! Thus, a unique, resourceful and astonishing beautiful art form is born...

Makes me wonder about the beauty we walk by, throw away or ignore everyday in our lives. How something so common as a beer can, with a little work, talent and patience, can be pushed and massaged just so, revealing the beauty that was there all the time.

Nice post @brightideas! Resteemed.

I see it , but unbelievably precision work!

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