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RE: Is it just me, or are Legos way cooler today than when we were kids?

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My feelings on Lego(r) from my first set 1970s to today.

The stuff I made way back when was much cooler than what I can build today. Not in a neat, intricate, color matching, special parts way, but in a generic you could build things to play with way.

The pieces you had back in the 70s are not produced today. And they are missed. They were much more generic, and as such, much more useful.

For me, the magic is gone. And I am not sure if it is the Legos, or that I can build real things now.


Which pieces do they no longer make?

Ummm, are you serious? Almost everything. I am sure there are Lego fan websites that have lots of images.

Wheels used to have a metal pin that stuck out, and went into a 2x4 axle block.
There were 3 sizes of toothed gears. The largest was about 3" diameter. (and they went on the wheels)
There weren't any of the flat pieces (1/3rd height).
All the pieces that are now used as control panels and such used to be roof pieces.
And they had large, full height building plates.

And lots more. Things I recognize instantly, but are hard to describe in words.

Haha! That very well might be... especially if you are building castles ;)