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Greetings and welcome to Part 1 of a 3 Part Series Title 'Insane Ramblings - GOD (Generator Operator Destroyer)'.

(The following is an expansion upon some of the ideas that I presented in paper that I wrote during a meditative contemplation a couple of years ago ( here it is is if you are interested).)

I am not a believer of GOD, in any form, as GOD is depicted in any of the religions that I am familiar with. The ideas presented here are my own, based off the assumption that GOD is and, therefor, my interpretation of what GOD is (or isn't, depending how you want to look at it). The reason that I ask these questions is simply that I am here, having an experience, so I figure 'there must be a Some-thing Thing responsible!' I have meditated and contemplated deeply upon the questions 'if GOD is, what is GOD?', 'what does GOD think about?' and 'am I GOD?'. I hope you enjoy reading my insane ramblings as much as I enjoyed insanely rambling them.


So, in order to formulate the question 'what is GOD' I first had to make the assumption that GOD is, hence the 'IF GOD IS' part of the first question. As far as I can tell, nobody (and I mean NOBODY) can prove (theoretically) that GOD is. So that means that all talk of GOD is purely based off of the assumption that GOD is... But, for arguments sake (and who doesn't love a good argument), lets just say that GOD is.

I am willing to entertain the notion of GOD, for arguments sake!

Now that we have established undeniable concrete proof that GOD is we are ready to start asking some questions. The first that comes to mind is 'what is GOD?'.

Any-thing, Every-thing, No-thing or Some-thing In-between

So, GOD IS but what is IS? My understanding of ISness is that in order for there to be an IS there must be a thing to refer to. As far as I am aware there are 4 categories of Things and they are Any-thing Things, Every-thing Things, No-thing Things any Some-thing Things. So which one of these categories does GOD fall into? For a start, I think that, based off our assumption that GOD IS, it is extremely likely that GOD is an Every-thing Thing... but wait a second Adam, what is Every-thing? Good question alter ego. If all these Things ARE indeed Things would they not then all fall under the category of Every-thing Things?

Are you still following? Good, shit is just starting to get interesting.

Before I can say that GOD IS Everything I must first ask 'What the hell is a No-thing Thing???'. As far as I can work out, No-thing is about as fictional as our proof that GOD exists. If I try to imagine No-Thing I am creating the idea of No-thing within my mind and I have therefore made it Some-thing. I am a man of very few beliefs but one of the few that I do have, and it is a strong one, is that man is incapable of either imagining or perceiving No-thing. We are beings with an unlimited potential of imagination and the one thing we cannot do is image is No-thing... Our only limitation is No-thing!... HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAA! What a funny ass joke that shit is. Good one, GOD! ****jerk****

For me, the previous argument is good enough that I feel I can remove the No-thing Things Category from the list. No-thing Things can not be a thing on a list of Things!

What about Any-thing and/or Some-thing? Well as I said before these things sort of all fall under the category of Every-thing Things. So, let's eliminate those also as we don't need to be dealing with all these Things categories when they are all, quite obviously (now), just one category of Things... Every-thing Things.

Well, that was easy. What's next?

One with Every-thing

What is Every-thing? Well considering that we now have only one category, Every-thing Things, it makes perfect sense that Every-thing is, undeniably and unequivocally, GOD. Therefor, it also makes perfect sense that, GOD is Every-thing. That's a nice little circular argument, right? If Every-thing is GOD and GOD is Every-thing that would also mean that I am you and you are me as we are both falling under the same category as Every-thing Things and, in turn, Every-thing Things are GOD. Why is that? Well, even the smallest part of a pie is pie, size is irrelevant. From the smallest Thing to the largest we are all Some-thing Things, all Some-Thing Things are Every-Thing Things and all Every-Thing Things are GOD.

I Am The Eggman

So, here we are. I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together! I am GOD and you are GOD... Well this feels kind of awkward. Seeing as how I am basically talking to myself. How did we get to this point, me thinking that you are you and you thinking 'this guy is a total mental case'? I imagine GOD as an infinite void of potential just sitting there, being all omnipresent, and in a moment of insight it says to itself 'I'm bored... Hey, I know! I'll just project myself onto myself and pretend like I have no idea that I am me and then I can have sex with myself and it will totally feel like I am having sex with Some-thing else... BOOYAH!'

I think that is the biggest joke, if GOD is then it is Every-thing and that means that we are GOD. If I am GOD and you are GOD then that means that we are just pretending like we don't know that we are actually the same thing and that this whole experience, that we think of as reality, is just a 'Thing' that we dreamed up so that we can have sex with ourself!

And you thought I was mad?

Stay Tuned for Part 2: WHAT DOES GOD THINK ABOUT?

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Many blessings, Adam / O

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