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Hockey is by far my favorite sport. It isn’t just another extra mural to me, it’s a passion. My love for hockey was ignited quite a few years ago. I will ever be grateful to the coach who asked me to come along to a practice to see if I enjoyed it. My problem was that I didn’t just enjoy it, I was absolutely taken by it. Enough is never enough for me. Hockey is life.



My brother played for the Canadian National Field Hockey team. He was good at ice hockey, too, but was too small to make it very far. But field hockey was just right for him.

Wow, that must’ve being quite an experience for him and your family. Field hockey is absolutely amazing. I hope to make it to a National Side one day. Well done to him.

He was a great player, but his hips are now worn out from running on the astroturf! He's only 52 but he needs both hips replaced unfortunately.

I played a bit locally, and played for Ontario in a couple of tournaments, but never had the ability of my brother. But my hips are OK so there's that...

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