Winter Sunrise

in #life3 years ago

Recently winter has set in in my area. Along with the icy winds and bitterly cold mornings is the slender of sunrise. For all the time you spend shivering and blue, the sunrise is worth it.

I often with that I could just whip out my phone as I ride along the road to capture the magestic scene. The other morning as I was riding I saw something that just made me smile from ear to ear. As I looked out across the city sky line, it was still fairly dark as dawn was just breaking, I could see all the lights and behind that, a beautiful blue sky. The colour of this blue was like a cyan colour. Just above the blue was a purple. It looked like a soft pastel violet purple. Behind me in my mirrors I could see strips of white cloud with oranges, pinks and yellows streaked across them. There was no better site than this for the start of a day.


(Not my picture or what I saw but the sunrise is still stunning)


These cold clear winter mornings in Johannesburg are beautiful, just cold - very cold.