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@ osm0sis, Very interesting collection of fossils, in my explorations I always find fossils but I think it is better to leave them in their place... I love fossils, belemnoids seem to me of the most interesting, this publication is very good... I like it too much!


Thanks Carlos.
We're lucky to have our Burgundian grounds filled with gryphaea, belemnoids and ammonites so it isn't such a big deal if we bring home a few. But I understand you wanting to leave them in their place.
In which country do you go exploring for fossils?

Wow good I'm glad you live in a magical place! I live in Venezuela and in the Eastern region, Sucre state Cumana, this region is full of marine fossils and mega fauna Mammals (Megatherium) it is very interesting that in many places marine fossils with mammals are mixed... to very intense earthquakes and the sea mixed with the earth!

Megatheriums!! The giant bear/hamster/beaver-looking monster?! I remember seeing a show on those. You better send a photo if you find its fossil or any other similar mastodon.

Crazy to know earthquakes are this powerful... creating such a mess in the sedimentary rock layers😧 Damn tectonic plates!

The Megatherium is more related to the sloths (Folivora) the Region where I live is very seismic we have tremors of earth all the time .. yesterday I tremble very strong, also there have been many earthquakes!1759_20140722000059674303127.jpg

Oh sloth, yes. HUGE!!! I wouldn't want to see one face to face.
Take care with the earthquakes. I've been in 3 big ones in California, Japan, and Nepal and these are some of the scariest moments I've lived. They make you feel so incredibly powerless against the great Pachamama.
Stay safe

In this post I have three fossil photographs in place where I found them!