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###I It has been quite a long time, that I never been posting in steemit. With the disappointment of the bear season but I realize to be back . There are so many things to shout out .

What happening here in steemit, the hive, my poverty and the pandenic covid19 brought me to tears. Im thinking of what happening to this world? I know ,made a lot of mistakes that need to be fixed. Its time to give our attention to God and keep on believing that, there will be a better day ahead.

Just dont stop on believing the power of God .As long as we have to increase our faith, we will not be forgotten snd He never forbids us . Just keep on going finding the right path though sometime, we are passing a big mountain too high to climb.

And remember His promise and let us love one another. Let us give importance,the community, our family and our environment.

Just saying for hope to all of us and May Hod bless us always.

Keep save from the corona virus! God will heal the world! He just need our unity to hain control of yhis pandemic!

I'm inviting everyone to vote @cadawg as our witness. He is a young and talented man deserve it. Thank you @benedict08 and @mermaidvampire

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