What Does Suarez Drink?

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I have always wondered what the hell does Luis Suarez always drinking from that weird shape thing. And to those who don’t know who Luis Suarez is, he is a Uruguayan professional footballer who plays as a striker for a Spanish club Barcelona and the Uruguay national team.

Before each game I see him carrying a thing looks like a coconut with a stainless steel straw but after looking for it I found out that it is called Mate Gourd Set and the drink in it called Yerba Mate. I have never heard of them before and it was my first time googling about it.



I found that the drink yerba mate is the traditional South American drink like Moroccan tea we have, but it is waaaaaaay different because it has caffeine and thein which makes it a mix of tea and coffee that help make you feel awake and more energetic. And the Mate Gourd Set is made from wood, and the drink made with dried and chopped yerba mate leaves and has a lot of health benefits associated with it.

The drink and mate can be found anywhere in the world nowadays and some of the best footballers in the world are fans of it not only Suarez.