Achieving Balance

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There is often this idea that if you have money in the bank, and I do mean Money all your problems will be somehow magically solved, all issues would dissipate and you would not be stressing out ever again.

It's possible that this idea is not entirely ours, after all we have been told over and over that money = success, but that is not entirely true. Financial success is but an element of a well balanced fulfilling life, and to aim for things exclusively thinking of the money you will make is to deprive yourself of other important elements of you, that make you who you are.


Do not misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong about wanting to have money and striving for stability in your life. I would even go as far as to say that it's an important part of success. All I'm trying to convey is that there are other needs that should not be ignored.

We all love to feel the approval of others, specially those who are important to us, our family. Sometimes this search for financial stability is just a way we attempt to make sure they approve of who we are, it becomes a way we can "guarantee" a paycheck and be accepted as someone who is doing the "right thing".

The truth is however that in that quest for approval many tend to lose their sense of self direction. In search for what they believe is financial freedom they voluntarily add a ball and chain to their ankle and play along. It's ironic to put it simply.

I have said a few times already how important it is to do some inner searching, to find out what you want in life, who you are and who you are not. And this quest to balance probably starts with these reflections. What maybe I have not mentioned is that once we start to achieve this balance we start to attract the right kind of people to our life, the ones who get you, who support you even if you are not playing the "normal game" we are all supposed to be playing.

It does come down to having some faith, or at least eliminating the fear of failure as much as possible. Because in your quest for balance you might get confused at times, you might not know if eliminating something or someone from your life is the right thing to do, yet deep inside you are aware that that job, that friendship or relationship is one of those elements that keep you out of balance.

Whatever element is missing in your life, there is no better time than now to attempt to find it, to attempt to achieve the right balance. If you need to learn more about finances, you know it would help you immensely.... What about starting today? if you want to have healthier relationships, know why they have not worked in the past... Why not learn more about yourself? why not gather all the information out there available to help you do so? Why not start today?

It is easier said than done, but the good news is that it all starts with one step forward, one step towards a more balanced you. And it could all start today...

I will sign off for now wishing you all a beautiful and productive Tuesday


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Money is important to live happily but it doesn't mean that you spend all of your just for the sake of money.

Beautiful Piece @chbartist, you have captured it all well.

I remembered the story of an uncle that was all out for money at the expense of his family, his excuse was he was making the money for the wife, after several years, he has made enough and ready to enjoy time with his family, the wife welcomed him with the divorce papers, all plea to the lady landed on deaf hears.

He is enjoying his money all alone with his wife and kids not wanting to see him ever again.

We shouldn't chase one at the expense of the other.

That is sad but so true. We must recognize the value in the things we do have and appreciate it and not chase for more. More often than not we find that the things we thought we wanted doesn't really make us happy in the end.

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I need the money, but ...
Important, but ...
The most important thing is my soul.
My soul belonging to the Holy Spirit!

Lots of people are so focus on making money, until they save a lot and end up paying it to their own health bills, so it is very important to balance the money , health, and also your relationship to people and your family.

I like your comment a good conclusion from all the above,

exactly, or it ends up as someone else's inheritance

The fulfillment of life's purpose is not measured by wealth you accumulated, nor multiple successes you are into, nor being financially free. One can only achieve the real essence of life and the purpose on why we are here and alive is through acknowledging His greatness and to follow and obey His commandments for this is the whole duty of man.

That's just your opinion and I of course respect it.
But I disagree...

Yes well done ..
Balance is .. money working family life principles and values
Thank you for sharing your words

This man is a true guru!

The way he puts into words what thousands of people have already said thousands of times just can't be bettered. T-shirts and mugs need to be made available to hold quotes lest the terminally-stupid balance seekers forget these pearls of wisdom and all future will be lost.

This just can't be upvoted enough; we may need more vote-buying services to show off this great man's true potential and what he can do for Steemit.

The 88265th time this exact thing in the post was said was truly epic, I must admit. As was the 983381st time back in the day.

But there's something so special about this one millionth attempt that I'm not sure will be duplicated any time soon.

Such strength here.

one of the biggest achievements in life is achieving balance. but not one can actually achieve balance in every way. one can't be present at the same time in different places. we are missing out on something every single second. the key of balance is happiness and living in the moment. where ever you are just seek for peace and enjoy every bit of it. this is what i think balance is

Oh my god this is the best post of all time! How did you become so wise? Please tell me, dear friend.

I'll tell you how he became so wise...... oh fuck it, I can't work it out either.

Wealth is just a part of ones success story but if you balance it by spending wisely and helping others then I think the satisfaction level will be far more.

I am really happy i stumbled upon this piece today because like everything you said,everything is really what i'm goin through at the moment and reading this made me understand it very well,in my blog few minutes ago i made a post about happiness(not promoting just stating the point) because of same issues that's why I am going to resteem this post because i want to be able to read it over and over again,till it sticks
Thank you very much

its should be noted that having money is good, but money cant solve every problem

Financial freedom is something that rarely manifests itself for any of us: as more money comes in, we are drawn to bring in even more. As @chbartist points out, balance is vital and I think that the key to this balance is going to be knowing when money serves us and when we are are becoming just an adjunct to the money and a part of the financial system.

When money is our servant its a fine thing, but it is the worst of all masters.

This is very true on many fronts. I once had a very successful career and was making really good money, but ended up losing it all due to my bipolar disorder getting out of hand. I literally when from making $5000/mo to NOTHING overnight. It has taken me 3 years to even get back to a point to start rebuilding my life. It was about a year an a half ago I figure out what it was that made me happy. It wasn't money, it was creation. I wanted to create, I'm an artist, always have been. I don't care about getting rich whatever that means. I simply want to be able to get to a point where I can focus on my music 100% and building community around that.

Indeed Money is something very important in our lives. but not a few who also have a lot of money can achieve happiness in life, even sometimes they always feel the pain. vice versa, who do not have the money also many who can feel happiness. so essentially money is not everything in life, but money is one that is needed to run a better life.

"It is easier said than done, but the good news is that it all starts with one step forward, one step towards a more balanced you. And it could all start today..."

These lines were enough for me to get out of procrastination.

Good insight. Money isn't everything but it sure does help those who have it! lol. Seriously though, happiness, health, love and I agree finding a balance but to be real honest I don't think that there really is a balance in life. There is always something which knocks you off, you just need to learn to get it back.

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Obrigado amigo pela dica, posso fazer em breve sim. Sucesso Sempre!

@chbartist you have written the inner truth so beautifully. This is so true. We run after money believing that it can buy us all happiness and peace apart from luxuries,yet we don't get the inner peace.
Truly money can be part of success but balancing with other important elements in life is very important to keep it going positively and happily.

Totally agree that it's just one step ahead. Why to wait? Why not today? Why not now? ❤

Money is just a means to an end. We obsess about money when we don't have an end.
When we figure out what our end is the money stops b3ing an issue. Thank you for this advice

Good post :)

I agree with you completely. It is difficult to survive in this world without life, but without money. It still remembers the difficult moments of life. To achieve success in life, such as hard work, sincerity, devotion is needed, in many cases money is also the most effective. It was very good to read the writing. Very realistic writing.

This totally resonates with me. I started my journey with money on my mind but what I've learnt along the way about myself and others, has become invaluable!

Money is essential- but there needs to be an intention behind the drive!

Happy Wednesday to you. (BST)

yeah the intention for growth and alignment :)

“Money Can’t Buy You Happiness. Money certainly can’t buy you love under any circumstances. However, saying that money can’t buy you happiness could be a bit naive. Sure, money can’t actually buy you a feeling, but it can buy you things that make you happy. And having control over your money can give you a feeling of security that can make you less frantic, more secure, and yes, much happier.

As we are growing, one thing we are lacking; the physical bonding among family members and with friends.

All I'm trying to convey is that there are other needs that should not be ignored.

That is why writers write often about the childhood to get back,money is not everything. There are lot more things to enjoy life ;)

Very useful! Language straightforward readers easy to understand the related financially. Thank you @chbartist for tips financial management & success always my friends!

Great post, money is definitely NOT the answer to all our problems, is definitely a great tool to have that makes some choices easier however it can not be all we focus on, there are far way more important things like family, health and education.

If it takes money to be successful, then the search for success will never end because money is numbers, and numbers never end.

Thank you my friends for information that is very useful and anticipated many people related balance finance. It is a little hard pressed spending when spending and income unbalanced. However posting you have given US enlightenment incredible based on your experience.
Greetings !!

Hello! my greetings. It is not easy to achieve balance in life. But if every day you learn something new, and put it into practice would be advisable. Just as finances money is important to have, but there are other values of priority aggregates. We spend our lives doing a lot, and sometimes we put aside things that are really interesting in life, we respect the thought of everyone. Love, respect, educating our children, sharing a topic with them, watching a movie together, doing homework, asking how it was today ... finally the pillar of life is the family. if that little pebble of the image rolled only one, the other would fade and so on. I loved your subject. A success of learning. Soon I will be publishing my first post. I hope you read it.

There should no a high desire about any subject its not so good for our life. Be positive in life with which you have.

our life is more has more worth than anything else so work for it

Thanks for looking at some of my photos today and upvoting.
Money takes away some of the burdens of life but it does not make you happy all time time.
Have nice day chbartist,

You are so right. Money is important but balance is essential. You have to mentally and physically well to be happy as well.

Balance is very necessary on each step of life.

Yup rightly said .. Balance is necessary in life . It is said excess of everything is bad like having one thing in enormous amount could be fatal thats why balancing is important like car need 4 wheels to balance it and to make it run in proper manner.

money can not release us from all problems, money is not everything but it is good we treat money as it should, with money we can try to invest both for charity and for other things, than that let's keep our health, because healthy can not be bought with money , money can only be used as a tool

to becoming financially strong and doing work hard without disturbing the bond between you and your family is a big achievement
nice post ;)

Balance is an important part of our lives. If we have balance in our lives we will achieve our goals. We need to connect to ourselves in order to find the right way.

sometimes money is not the main thing for our daily life but sometimes also the closest people and we love the most important thing

"Achieve Balance. Enjoy your life"

gotta quote today from you @chbartist
Btw, financial---partner---family---friendship---and got travel.
just is it...simply life

They say money yields power, and power corrupts. I totally agree with this saying because most of the time struggling people in life are noble and mostly very generous, but those with money are just stingy and selfish. If we let money control our being then we lose who we are as humans. We need to balance our lives with our economic status

Being obsessed with money steals our joy. We need money to live but we should not live because of money. Balance is the key for peaceful life. Thank you @chbartist for the inspiring post.

'If' is a conditional statement. Be careful how you use it.

For example, consider the statement: 'If' I had more money, I would be happy.

So what if you didn't have more money, would that mean you wouldn't be happy? If you never made more money, would you ever be happy? And what exactly is 'more money?' $100? $1,000? What exactly is 'more money'?

That is one giant hurdle to jump over to find happiness, isn't it?

But now let's flip that statement around.....

'If I were happier, I would make more money.'

And Voila! You're life just improved 1000%!

You didn't set a condition to achieve happiness.....but happiness became a condition to making 'more money'. In order to make more money, I need to find happiness, happiness at work, at home, with myself, etc. That happiness fuels your ambitions and your persistence to reach your goals.

If it seems like you're just running on life's treadmill....running and running and running but getting nowhere, then stop and listen to the things you are saying to yourself. You might be surprised that the things you are saying to yourself are keeping you stuck and keeping you from moving forward.

Just a thought :)

Love and Peace to you and yours!


I couldn't agree more! This is very enlightening. Happy people make more money. Money in itself doesn't make people happy. For me, happiness is freedom. Money is just metal, cotton or numbers in a network. People made money. It's silly how a person's self-worth is sometimes dependent on their net worth. These two are very different.

Your post highlights an important issue. Money can not really bring success to everything in life. Having to try yourself is to bring success in life with your own ability.

I think the feeling of success doesn't only come from money. It comes more from the people around you whom you can trust. Those are the people that no matter what happens or no matter how they struggle in supporting you, they will still be there to do what it takes to help you be a better human.

Thank you for the beautiful piece.
I think many of us are hard on ourselves because we tend to compare our journey to someone else's. This can be very distracting and makes it harder to find a balance because we are basically running someone else's race.

Dear @chbartist, what a wonderful article to reflect on real priorities in life and not those imposed by the system and the current. The secret of life lies in the balance between efforts and time between what we love as family and friends as well as what we do to live and earn money. Very successful I congratulate you, to organize what you have to start. Blessings

Well, You see, if You really want to make steps You need balance before. And, of course, it does not have to be perfect. Because there is no exact explanation of perfect. So You cannot really be sure what perfect actually is. Anyway, every element You need is inside You, and it is Your choice by all means if You are going to choose or lose. I appreciate Your time.

That image reminds me of the movie Moana.

Regardless, great article. Very nice to read after I finished my lunch and am about to get back to work!

I think it is important to find a way out of the "system" where everyone's is doing the same thing and coming up with the same results. Why do we settle for going to work everyday from 9-5 just to worry about paying the bills at the end of the month? We are spiritual being who should be enjoying this physical experience. Take your life back just quit your job and take the leap of faith that you will be in good hands.
I will take my leap in April!

Here is a quote by Guillaume Apollinaire

Come to the edge," he said.
"We can't, we're afraid!" they responded.
"Come to the edge," he said.
"We can't, We will fall!" they responded.
"Come to the edge," he said.
And so they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.

Source of quote

Balance is a great thing in life. The book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible talks about "chasing after the wind". This is one of the greatest books in the Bible because of the truth it conveys. So many people are chasing financial success and the approval of others (popularity). It is all like chasing after the wind, you will never truly catch it. We need to maintain the balance in our lives to stay healthy. Keep it real!

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed."

-- Ray Goforth

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

-- Winston S. Churchill

Can not be successful on money The fruit of the work is always bullish.

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Money is a safety net in the modern world. Real happiness comes from elsewhere. Have a nice Wednesday!

both young and children have a lots of time on their hands. thats probably why they get along so well

I hope you can make it :)


Thank you. Today we can start again

Beautiful life. I like it :)

This is storically. Very Nice!IMG_20180320_225432.jpg

good content i like it ........ keep it up

An interesting topic.
Money does make life easier but it does not make it complete. I, like all working parents probably, do try to keep an eye on my life work balance. I always told myself, that I don't want to get into a situation where suddenly one of my kids has grown up and start living on its own, and then asking myself did I see him grew up.
But on the other side, money does rule the world. When you have enough if gives rest and makes the work life balance a hell of a lot easier. I do work cause I like it, but also to give my family a financial trouble free life.

I wish you a productive tuesday

And you're amazing.. Everything you wrote is true .

Sometimes people can allow money take their passion for what really sets their soul on fire.

Hopefully we will always remember whats important

Awesome message here @chbartist! It is extremely important for everyone to achieve balance in their life. I haven't created a perfect balance in my life yet, but I am working towards it!

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Have a nice day
Your post has touched my mind.You wrote so beautifully, that started to follow you. Thank you for your great sharing.

The whole world revolves round money and money - but there's something beyond it! That is the inner happiness deriving from contention and self satisfaction through creativity and helping out others in need.

Why not learn more about yourself? why not gather all the information out there available to help you do so? Why not start today?

True Sir. How often most of us crave to be financially stable and in the process we lose out completely on other aspects of life and become rich yet irrelevant to our society. Thank you for this deep insights.

I have a 9-5 job, recently due to the past months bills and stress i was financially down for a while, i could have chosen to stress over this get depressed and sulk for the while, finding a balance to me entails knowing the difference between having sustenance and been unjustifiably happy. Great post!!!

very amazing that and excellent post ,thanks for shar

If it is difficult to have a balance in your life when you have some money because many times you will be surrounded by people who are only for the monetary interest but with only a slump in your account or a bump, you will realize what the people are correct that will be with you from that moment you can achieve a mental and emotional balance.

Great thoughts. Thanks

Nice write up ..........success is not measure on money

I agree mostly with you however ask someone who has no money and see what there response would be. You have $400+ for this post ask someone in India that is 30 and hasn't ever earned that much in a year I wonder how they would feel, having said that still good thoughts keep it up

Woow so inspiration.

In life you win, you can lose, the important thing is to maintain the infinite cycle, you must follow your course, the balance will be obtained if what you have you use for your good, be it much or little, keep it and then let it go. My dad every day of his life said I am rich, because I have 5 healthy and intelligent children, it was his focus and he had everything he wanted to have.

This story really can change the life!!!

very helpful:)

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I like the article. Well thought out and 'balanced'. :-)

It's easy to become blind to your own well being when you're outperforming your own and others' expectations when earning.
I found myself in this position a few years ago and it cost me far more time than I'd like to admit.

Whoever's taken the time to read this, remember that you can't buy back time. Wealth is far more than money alone.

Make sure you live every day of your life :)

Relly . Money is the real part of life to be happy. Without money either you solve problems neither passed a happy life. To keep smile on your beloved people you must need money

I totally agree! Nothing wrong with wanting to earn much for financial freedom, just dont be a prisoner nor a slave of money. Dont let it take control over your life. Too much of anything isnt good for us so balance is the key. We need to always make time for the things and people that bring meaning to our lives, something that fuels our passion, and to give back whenever possible. After all, life is not a race. What matters is being able to look back and say to yourself that you made every breath count.

a very interesting idea. I love it. i fhot you. thanks.

sorry friend. I mistakenly pressed it unintentionally

very useful

Along my path, I've been poor, and I've been financially stable. I have seen the kindness of strangers, and the greed & selfishness of loved ones. Money has never really played a role in my happiness. It has made my life more or less stressful, but my happiness never revolved around money.

One reason why people are so much after money alone is because they're yet to get themselves involved in things they love, enjoy and feel comfortable doing. Money is what motivate many rather than the true passion for what we're involved in.
The reward for passion with patience is far beyond financial fulfillment alone. It makes one enjoy life better and easier and also adds to ones self confidence.

good opinion @chbartist. This is not just for money, but about ourselves who can be grateful and enjoy what is already there. many people who have a lot of money but not happy, because what? because they are never satisfied with their lives. it does not mean we do not need money either, just enjoy and be thankful for what we can late from our hard work.

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Pleas follback ya😀

Thank you @chbartist. I really needed to read that. I like pursuing the word of Christ for my balance and perfection. Much love playa. You keep baking them fresh!!!

I have to agree but I feel money personally for me is just a key to open the door to freedom.

Thank you, this was exactly what I needed right now! I am currently struggling with finding this specific balance for my further career. I know it takes time to find out more about steps, but I know that I'll get there one day!

Nice view here! I'd like to see more along this line. Thanks!
What if money is energy, vitality and easy, welcomed, claimed?


Very well said, I think the same way.
Money is necessary, but upto some extent.
I really like your thoughts and the way you post.
I follow you regularly and upvote you daily.
Do check my posts if you like, You might find it intresting.