Stay Focused In Your Strengths - Distractions Are Expensive...

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Hello Steemians

Moving along the story I've been sharing on this blog, I wanted to continue from the time I was 22 years old, a time when I had to learn how to adapt to the new opportunities, like I shared on posts If you are new in my blog, this post is a continuation of the other two I've previously shared, so in order for this to make sense, please I I suggest you check those out first.

1 - Building a Successful Business

2 - Winning By Adapting to a Changing Life

3 - Opportunities Come to Those Who Prepare Themselves...

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If you are finding these blogs for the first time, I recommend you read those first.
So, right after starting my publicity agency and with the audio production company running at full steam, many things started to change in the market. It was right around the time where all magazines started to include Multimedia with them, they included CD-ROMs.

The challenge was very great, to pack all the audio needed with the publications on a very limited space. Back then audio files were huge, there was no such thing as compressed formats like mp3, etc…

It was then that I took another leap and decided to open a tech company, my third business venture. This seemed like a natural step because I was already dealing with a lot of these challenges in my production company. We managed to create software that helped us compress the file sizes by four, allowing us to have a great advantage over any competitor. Very soon we were working with many editorial houses and online magazines, recording, coding and programming their multimedia CDs.

Soon after we developed streaming protocols, and the online magazines were able to offer on demand audio, and we are talking about a time with 256 Kbps internet connections.
In other words, I was 25 years old, had three companies to run and would spend 16 hours a day working. As a consequence of that I was able to prosper financially, and in other aspects of my life, but I will leave those details for another time.
It is very important to be aware of the potential that resides within you. All of us have talents, things that we can be very good of and not be fully aware. If we don't recognize the potential we might be seeing opportunities pass us by or not see them at all as if we were wearing a blindfold.

I did want to bring something up before closing this post.

Many people have been asking me lately what they should be doing due to the situation in the market. I've been trying to tell them that they are free to make their choices but that in my opinion is not a good time to be selling your steems. However that is my choice, my personal experiences. As you can see I share my personal story, things I have lived. There are many ways to make money in a negative market, but I do not intend to come off as some financial guru because I believe everyone is living through different things and all choices should be made personally.

Pay attention to what @lauram @gowealth @akdx and others are doing. I do not give votes in people's comments if I observe that they have not read the post. In the first post (links above) you can see what happened. Almost everyone who struggled to write something positive is with 8, 10 upvotes because

What I asked will be very important in what I intend to to everyone on a positive and positive mindset. I really want you all to understand the true spirit of networking and a union between everyone who comments on my posts. I told you not to vote for yourself. I also asked you to vote for everyone who made positive comments. Please understand that it costs nothing and if everyone votes among themselves we can create a community where everyone will always be receiving more votes. No matter how much you have of Steem Power, what matters is the attitude, change the mindset so that everything can flow genuinely. This generates respect and unity and as a consequence financial prosperity and perhaps true friends in the future. This is one of the keys to building an honest network between all of us.

Don't forget to follow @chbartist and resteem these posts if you like them. The content and conversations could be valuable to someone else, even if you don't know that person.

With that said, have a beautiful Weekend



Life gives us many opportunities. Sometimes we waste it and then remorse for our loss. But when we grab the opportunity, work on it with all our efforts, we get success. So, success is recognizing opportunities and making their use. If one doesn't see that one has no chance, one can make one's own way. One cannot wait for opportunities to come to him. One has to make one's own way and force destiny to work in favor of one.
Nothing is impossible if we are determined and stay alert and focused. What @chbartist advised regarding hodling of Steem is also a very important message. There is no use of selling your asset in a loss.
Also, interaction is very important. Mutual help can grow each and every minnow's Steemit account.
I wish a very good day to all.

The biggest mistake is typically not about doing something wrong, but about not doing anything at all.

Exactly! Life is about taking risks, if I don't take risks I'll never know what I'm capable of ;) for example if I don't risk commenting here I'll never know if I'm capable of improve other people's mood at least for a while ;)))


programmingvalue tell to her XD :


Thank you dear! I am learning from you.

Agreed, you must just start then things will begin to change for the better.

Agreed, you must just
Start then things will begin to
Change for the better.

                 - rynow

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Those who try never succeed.
Those who criticize rarely see.
Those who blame rarely hear.
Those who are open and clear can conquer the world.

great stuff

You just hit the aspect I have been battling with. Seven years back I was earning a living through visual arts back in school but when I left school. My Dad back then demanded that I should return home from the state I was. I never had the attitude of not listening to my Dad, So I did as he said.
When I returned I decided to start what I was doing, but I realised that people around dont have demand for pencil work . I tried creating awareness for six month but the people around doesn't really appreciate art work and I wasn't selling.

Art been the only thing I know how to do.

Naturally since I wasn't getting works, I wasn't getting enough money for materials to continue. I tried to leave the state but my dad insisted that I must stay that he needs me to get a Government Job which I naturally don't have zeal for because you will placed in a situation where you will be unproductive and be monitored to remain like that.

Years passed ,though I still venture into pencil sketches once in a while but I am loosing touch.

Secondly, you did mention that demand was your driving force in opening new companies.

      "The challenge was very great, to pack all the audio needed with the publications on a very limited space. Back then audio files were huge, there was no such thing as compressed formats like mp3, etc…

It was then that I took another leap and decided to open a tech company"

Then how did you mobilize resources, both financial and human resources to meet those demands?

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At first I think you should never leave the pencil. About the question about opening new business on my journey one thing led to another and I did not need much capital because I already had credibility with the people I had worked with previously. It was only a necessary expansion because of the evolution of things, especially those involving technology. About development I made them myself with my knowledge in audio engineering. But I will write in the next posts what are the most important values for you to get money in your life and also some moments that I also went to the ground and got up again. It is impossible to achieve success without many failures. Regards


You are really a mentor.

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No, I'm just share my journey and life. Regards!

interesting to see your life, 👍
maybe I start with a consistent foundation

Yes! Failures and successes are Siamese twins!!

If you cannot sell your art, won't their perhaps be people that would be interested to be taught to draw, this can also give you an income, and you will still be doing your art!!

Distractions are incredibly expensive and will slow you down

Yes dear @chbartist you are right. Sometimes distraction are so hard to recover. When I am starting my crypto investing carrier I was distracted by Scam MLM plan and I lossed my 80% money in that scam it’s hard to recover but somehow I recover.

Every bad experience increases our knowledge. So, we should not lose hope. If wealth is lost, it can be regained.

Yes you are right my friend we don’t have to lose our hope

Good to see that you were strong enough to stand again after getting a massive hit. You are going to rock bro, mark my words.

Yes my friend, when we have emotional intelligence we always recover and we are reborn with more experience.

Yes , you are right my dear friend

I had a scam on me a few years back. It kind of sneaked up on me and bit me where the sun don't shine. I was so ashamed and felt really stupid. When I spoke to my lawyer he said that I was "lucky" to lose what I did. He said he had horror stories of people getting scammed out of millions......

Well, I never had millions to begin with, but the amount I lost was not the end of the world. He did put it into perspective. I counted my blessings.

On the other side of it, the whole experience made me more cautious. I chalked it up as a learning experience and tried to move on.

Mom always said: Time heals all wounds.

Change over time becomes very important. All the companies such as Nokia Bus Phillips HMT have not changed their product over time, these companies still remain far behind than others. Geniuses are all filled in some of them are few in them, and in some, innate talents are big, using their talents in the right direction is the biggest capital of success, whether it is the life of a business whether it is its own life Everywhere you will have to face difficulties. Our ideology should be positive. Negative ideology can not move forward with difficulties And on the move, the person who moves forward with positive thinking of settling down with these difficulties succeeds in the life. Estimate market is a stage where people with different types of perspectives present their own approach . I am very impressed with your passion and passion that you handle companies together for 3 days and 16 16 hours of work, even at the age of 25. The number of steamers on this steam platform is hardly familiar to each other personally. Still, through their thoughts, their articles understand each other's feelings, thoughts and attitudes, and perhaps this is the best way to get to each other To understand the interest, mentality and ideas.

Exactly, thank you for your words!

Thanks sir for encouraging

Again One More Beautiful Blog @chbartist I'm Reading U r all Bolgs U r Thoughs Are really Helpful And motivated Thank U for making A Another Good Blog @chbartist I Think Limits are really all in your head. Just because you can’t do something a certain way, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find another way to reach your goals.

You are my idol @chbartist Thnx For Reply Me !!!

Making money in negative market is indeed an art. I am still not sure people have knowledge about this or they test their luck i.e. gamble on this.

The time to make more money is when the market is negative, it always worked for me. About people I'm sure many think that the market is like a casino and most of them make bets. This is a big mistake. I have been in the financial market for at least 10 years and there are many people need to learn and the most important is that the market is not a gambling game. Regards

Thanks for sharing this tip which is backed by 10 years of experience. I am also learning as I have spent 10 months so far not any other financial market but crypto market.

Hi @ chbartist
As I always read you posts and upvote you and try to upvote other having good content.
You are a standing example for me & other that nothing is impossible. Only thing is that one should not stop trying and should have belief what you are doing.
Thanks for this post. Eagerly waiting for upcoming posts.

Thank you friend!

I agreed that we should find out and develop the potential within us. For me it is writing and Steemit is a great platform for me.

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This is important, very valuable... Thanks ✌

(For me, the hardest question to answer remains: how do I remove the blindfold from my eyes?)

First Remove the blindfold from your mind. Look around and see what's on your mind, Believe, focus on it and your mind will give you the answer when you least expect it.

Thank you so much

There is nothing well-paying as staying focused on your strength. Any distraction is not only expensive but even dangerous as it has the capability to derail your career, and indeed your entire life.

It's important to always place oneself in a ready position so as to be able to seize opportunities when they come. What people call luck is nothing but preparedness meeting opportunity. A good example is the current low value of Steem. I see many Steemians rushing to sell off their Steem. This is the wrong approach to long-term investment. From experience, this is the very time to buy and acquire a lot of Steem because it is cheap. When the value goes up you will be smiling very happily. For me, the working principle right now is buy, buy, buy, and buy more

Thank you, @chbartist.

Exactly! Regards

Primero para ser exitosos debemos reconocer cual es nuestro potencial y creo que allí es donde muchos fracasan ya que realizan actividades porque están de moda o porque es algo impuesto por sus padre o porque quieren ser como alguien a quien admiran.
Una vez reconocido el potencial hay que apoyarse en el conocimiento, ser autodidactas y aprovechar la tecnología que nos permite estar constantemente actualizados sobre todo en esta era donde todo va evolucionando rápidamente

Great points and very well written.

My issue with distractions was that I just had too many ideas and would work on them all...simultaneously.

It led me to me to a period where I wasn't really getting anything done.

Time management and focusing on one thing at a time, or allocating certain chunks of time to each project. It's been a tremendous help.

Thanks for the post... Upvoted, resteemed and followed.... Cheers!

Cheers friend!

It's very true, yours opinions on opportunity is very valuable guidance for New commer in business. Thank you so much for sharing great writing.

Thank you for read!

I like this post because you talk about your successful experiences because you like what you do and also because you highlight the importance of teamwork where we all benefit, Thank you very much and regards

Thank you friend....

All what human beings need in life is to stay focus and never remember failure.

A focus type is a future builder. In other for one to build a brighter future, one need to remain focus.
A focus man is a future thinker. If you focus, then you can be able to think faster and see the real reason of life and the real side of life.

Thanks for what you have been doing, @chbartist.

That means, if we can look very carefully, we can find opportunities in every challenges and negative situation. I don't mean the type of opportunities where one will be taking advantages of people in financial difficulties, but i mean, overcoming the challenge in a way by providing solutions which others would happily pay for.

dude you sound like a motha fuqqin cult leader and shit. dont be giving people jim jones style 2-liters of faygo here or we will come after your bitch ass! DO NOT TAINT THE MOON MIST.

Your journey has inspired me. I think your success is behind your hard work, positive thinking along with your talent.

Thank you, All the best!

Thank you for putting real valuable content out there. You really take your time and I like your vision towards the Steemit society.

Thank you so...

que gran articulo, considero que nosotros como seres humanos debemos realizar nuevas actividades con el menor miedo posible ya que somos humanos y equivocarnos es usual, pero también es necesario comenzar de mejor manera con un gran semblante, y así conseguir nuestras metas

Gracias. Saludos

@chbartist very great thoughts... superb mindset lines this will really helpful to live life more beautifully and peacefully...

Yes! All the best!

Yeah, Thank tou😊 👍

Good work bro👍! your post always inspirate and motivate people just like me, have learned alot from you. Thanks for sharing this post.

Hello, friend, I am really amazed by your ability to move forward despite the difficulties. I am one of those who think that the limit is heaven and that with perseverance and sacrifice we can achieve everything. Congratulations, you are an example of "if you can".

Yes Its right... If we have wining mentality then we will achieve our life goals.... very nice blog


Hi sir,
nice blog keep writing.
Many time it happens that I lose hope and I stop putting any thing on steemit.
But when I come to read your posts and Its liking by the steemit community , It really encourages me to start putting posts again.

I'm happy for this.......Success!

It is true that we should recognize our talent .We have lot of potential.waitinh for more buisness tips @chbartist

@chbartist Great Post, Sir! your post dependably inspires and rouse individuals simply like me, have taken in a lot from you. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this post.

Everyone have opportunities in life, but it depend of them to take it or leave it; it is very important to value if we are able to start a new project and if we have the tools in order to finish it.
challenge can give us the opportunity to grow up in life.

Many thanks for all the recommendation you have posted.
have a nice time.

Focusing on your goals is right
Peace of mind and concentration are also very important
Good day ..............?download (1).jpg

Thank you! The best rewards come to those who are focused and dedicated to their task. I have learnt this espceailly in this bear market! Followed.

Focus is highly important for anything we want to finish on time and perfection.

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I'm agree with you, but Remember the practice make perfection, so it's important to do it all the time as possible.

Nice post @chbartist .. "in dentistry, we use distraction as tool against anxiety in anxious patients".. and anxiety, fear of failure is blindfold peaople wear, what if we use distraction and relaxation in our daily life against fear, anxiety, stress? it may be useful if we use it in right way.

Greetings, very interesting everything you have done at work, you have a lot of experience ... how old are you now?

Not to much, LOL. I started working professionally paid at the age of 13 and did everything with a lot of intensity in my life.

I'm sure its been covered i just haven't found it yet, but why not just make it so you can't up vote yourself? That's the first thing i did when i joined a few weeks ago. it's like what happens if i press this button.... then i found out you get up voted so i pressed it even more lol. I'm sure I'm not the only one that jumps in and presses all the stuff before reading the print. We need to make this.... me proof;)

Do not worry, friend, I know that everything is a bit complicated to understand on the platform. I wish all the best

I agree, it is a terrible time to even consider selling an Steem. It blow my mind that people would even consider it. You wouldn't sell your house in a negative equity or a recession, so why sell coins at their low...

This is the time to buy, not sell

I'm agree with you, It's time to buy, but selling it's also a good idea, depending what you have in your hand, and it's also important to understand the business where we are working or just want to stay.

Selling in a bear market is not clever at all. Hold, and sell when it rallies again, it really is that simple

good advice its need now in bear market and many are anxious about the bearish season. Thanks.

@chbartist you are right. this is a very valuable post. very nice idea.

Since joining the community, I have been looking for my value. I like what you say.

nice content and useful yo deserve a reply and upvote. fallow me and i fallow back


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Keep steeming good content.

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You can find two people with similar backgrounds in the same bad situation and then one will be able to get out of the situation, I believe this has a lot to do with believing in yourself and just doing something about your situation, sometimes small steps to start can lead to a big change in the end.

Thanks @chbartist for sharing the roads you travelled to arrived at this your amiable(?) possition in Steemitville!
I have been following you for a while now and all your instructions when adhered to turns out exactly as expected . Thank you again!!

Definitely, the "LOWS" period in every Endeavor is a Test Season , providentially designed to Weed out the Undescerning; thus was suggested, this season in steemit should be seized to Power up to build up,not to chicken out!!!

Nicely written, Thanks!

Very good post bro

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@chbartist i will try to my best on steemit

Yes , the life should be thrilling and adventures

Nice Article, btw would you like to share your music too? That would be awesome

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Love your attitude. I love Steemit Because it is meant to have real value based on interactions and relationships!

I just cut the chords of Youtube, FB, Twitter (but kept LinkedIn for now) mainly for banning Alex Jones/Infowars (and other censorship); but I've always intended to eventually be devoted solely to Steemit and Dtube, so I am really excited that I made the leap.

I'm looking forward to reading more from you and laying it all out on Steemit/DTube now! Blessings!!

I congratulate you for your success in the creation of your companies, I think your recommendation is correct in terms of being honest and in the value of the attitude towards the community: "understand the true spirit of networking and a union", however I think that the attitude and the amount of steem power that you have do not have to be incompatible, both seem equally important to me. A good attitude in the community becomes impotent without that.
I'm relatively new to steemit, in that sense, how much do you recommend we should invest so that our steem power begins to have real voting power? Thanks for the post!

hi sorry to intrude on a post of yours but I found a user in another platform copy and post this same article and he is saying that he owns this Steemit account and is his work.

I wanted to check if you are him.


never mind I saw an old post of yours and it states that your name is Christopher H Bonella so in no way is it possible that you are Muhammad Atif Khan unless that is another alias which I seriously doubt.

his account will be subjected for closure for impersonating another person and repeated plagiarism.

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Life is a series of choices. We can choose to seize the opportunities that are presented to us or let them pass us by. Love the post. Hope your weekend was great!

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The biggest mistake is usually not about doing something wrong, but about doing nothing at all.

Success comes to those who prepare themselves. Agreed, too many people wonder why the opportunity keeps passing them by and its as simple as not being prepared. Being organized and prepared run hand and hand.

Life gives us numerous chances. Here and there we squander it and afterward regret for our misfortune. However, when we snatch the chance, chip away at it with every one of our endeavors, we get achievement. In this way, achievement is perceiving openings and making their utilization. In the event that one doesn't see that one has no possibility, one can make one's own particular manner. One can't sit tight for chances to come to him. One needs to make one's own particular manner and power predetermination to work for one.

Nothing is incomprehensible on the off chance that we are resolved and remain alarm and centered. What @chbartist instructed with respect to hodling concerning Steem is likewise an imperative message. There is no utilization of offering your advantage in a misfortune.

Likewise, communication is critical. Common help can become every single minnow's Steemit account.

Well wow! I had invested my hard earned money & lost more than half of the amount and feeling down but after reading your motivational posts I can take it as a challenge I can rewind the process & figure out my mistakes...& What a great message about helping & upvoting each other so we could grow together as a community.

Distractions tend to focus you in the end!


There is a saying that says face where you are going and you will get there earlier than you thought. That is the power of focus.

im new an i will see all parts of ur story .i think it will be so good

@chbartist good work my you are right, this is a very important & valuable post. very helpful ideas

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Great word, life is hard just stay positive :)

Good afternoon. I really liked your publication. Thank you.


Many time it happens with us when we think to implement on our idea and after not coming out of our comfort zone and after some time the same idea have been implemented by someone else and they become successful. Then we regret that if we tried to implement it and collect the courage to do that task, the results and destination may be different compared to the current situation.


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