Staying Motivated

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Over the months I've been participating of Steem, I've noticed plenty of people come and go. The reasons why I'm sure vary, but I can't help to wonder how many struggle with the idea of working hard at this, and staying motivated.

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Along the years I've been training people this challenge is something that I've tried to tackle often, and of course the formula is different for each individual. That being said, believe me that it's important to learn this very thing about ourselves, learning how we can keep ourselves focused on the goal.

Many mentors suggest different things and I've heard and read different opinions on the subject that I'm sure can be effective. But there is one method that seems to work most of the time, and it's the one I intend to share on this short and important message.

Set reasonable goals

As much as that may sound simple, it's precisely what we need to be doing. If you don't try to focus on what you could be doing today, on what accomplishment you could do today, then the tomorrow you want will never come.

Independent of the size of your account, on the type of investment you can do. Working hard on your blog, or purchasing Steem and putting it to work, the plan you need to come up with has to have defined steps.

I always say:

"think big, start small but be quick"

Which is another way of saying, don't just let the waves dictate where life takes you, but try to be in charge of the boat as much as possible.

If you don't set goals for yourself, you are sure to not achieve much and believe me when I tell you, there is no exception to this rule.

So think about what you want to achieve, set a goal you can reach and work hard towards it, and don't wait, do this today.



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Regards @chbartist sir.

This is true! Thanks for this because I was reminded to focus on to my goals and not let any negative thoughts enter my mind.

thank you :)
i say try harder and if you failed that's a good way to learn but when you stop work to reach to your goal that's the big fail , you have try harder and harder and don't give up until that you failed just keep going and you will reach if have insistence i'm strong sure you will reach :)

The hardest part is how to stay motivated while pursuing your dreams. There are times where I wish to give up and not try anymore.

I understand you friend, but do not give up we all have our importance to the world and we have to try to improve every day. I know it's not easy. Do not give up, you can!

Thanks so much @chbartist! you are such a great encourager! Don't give up inspiring other people.

That was my problem too @brooksm. Every start of the year, My motivation is 101% but towards the end of the year, my motivations become 30% only! Lol! I had a hard time keeping motivated. I usually get a lot of distractions and that is the reason why the level of my motivation went down.

You're not the only one man! I feel that same way too every January! Lol! one thing I've learned is that you have to set goals and surround yourself with people who have the same passion with you.

haha, At least I know now that I am not the only one. I guess you're right! I should stick to people who are also passionate with the things I love.

Yeah! being with people with the same passion as yours are really great motivators! Good job in sticking to them.

I, too, have observed this demotivation in recent months. I believe that beyond the changes in Steem, there is also the idea that some people have of achieving success in the shortest possible time and without any effort. The advice you bring today is very pertinent, especially if we are disoriented and starting on this platform. Steem's slogan of making money by publishing what you write should go with another phrase that says it takes time and effort to make the money you want. It's always good to read you, @chbartist.

For me is always good to read your sweet and kind words and see you always here. Regards @nancybriti

@chbartist, well said. I think setting unrealistic goals out of excitement of finding a new platform (Steemit here) is the main reason they give up.

Careful planning to achieve realistic goals is key here, this is something I’ve learned along the way and with Steemit.
Thanks for sharing, it will help new users.

Thank you for read and comment!

Maximum of the people did'nt set their goal first like me. For the lack of confidence I always get fair to think big and set the goal. but always try to be active and always focus on the advice of senior brother like you. That helps me to increase my confidence.
Thank you @chbartist! for motivating the people like us.

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Thank you for your comment!

In this present situation, we all should be together and support one another to back to huge market range... @chbartist
Keep motivating and inspiring all steemians.
Good luck all and just have a positive approach.

By yours,

Always Positive Mindset. Regards

Setting a goal in life is very important because once we setup then start chasing it . It works as plan and without it we would not be able to prepare the roadmap. And ofcourse setting and achieving goal require time and sometimes even longer time to make it happen. Have a great day @chbartist

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Thank you friend for your comment!

We should pass the life with having aim and targets. Then after having a target we need to focus on it, after that work hard and get success in life.
Have a good day @chbartist

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Thank you friend! Have a nice weekend!

Great content on the topic of motivation through purpose driven realistic goals. Personally, I always had trouble starting, following through, and finishing many big dreams. Until I started to set and reach a few small goals. That gave me the confidence, and experience, to set larger goals! This article hits the ‘personal development’ spot!

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Thank you for your comment!

I take this phrase that I liked a lot.

Think big, start small but be quick.

I am one of those who are struggling with the idea of ​​staying motivated, because it really is not easy at all, there are many factors and circumstances that make it very difficult to keep motivation. But the answer is as you mentioned it, to establish a goal, especially since you always have to know where you are going when you want to undertake whatever you want to do.

I understand you, friend. I've been through a lot of these times and I'm still going to write a lot about entrepreneurship. I can say that maybe some people misunderstand some posts that I will still do. But to succeed we have to learn to listen to what we do not want and people always want to hear what they want. Regards. Success!

Thank you for sharing we all need some encouragement from time to time and people must understand when they first start working on a project is going to be slow and difficult at first maybe even an uphill battle but once you start to get the momentum the sky's the limit. Thank you Chbartist.

@c21willie, Thank you for your words friend!

This is my current situation in Steemit :-) I am a newbee in steemit and I am losing my interest as I am not able to get the attention of people on my posts. During this time, your pic of Get Motivated and Stay Motivated filled some extra courage in me to go on and try more!!! Thank you!

Thank you. Don't give up!

For me you have the right philosophy to be successful !!!

Reasonable goals are very important to establish they can set the bar to motivate you and teams to want more success. It becomes a momentum play as you celebrate the milestones met along the way. It is truly the best way to keep yourself honest when looking back and determining what adjustments are needed to remain on track for the achievement of those objectives.

Thank you for your comment friend!

Excellent @chbartist if we set goals and work hard we will get good results, I keep working on my blog every day to meet my individual goal, we can not walk through life if we do not have a direction to go, something focused with goals to follow progressing in our proposed goals. I like this publication to continue motivated, greetings.

All the best friend!

Sir, we fully agree with your thoughts that we must first set a goal and then continue working on it, then we can succeed.In the same way you continued to guide us all, thank you very much.

Thank you friend!

Sir, you have said a very good thing that think big and start from a little that you said very well, we need to fulfill the small goal before moving on to the big goal

YES! Always!

Excellent article @chbartist
We were taught the goals must be SMART.
Smart, Measurable, attainable, realistic (or relevant) and time bound.

Thank you @moghul

I would like to say thank you very much, as a newbie creator on steemit I have just recently posted but the post had no real response and made me feel down but reading your post motivated me. So, I just going to keep on working hard and posting, and hopefully will get some positive responses.

Thank you for your kind words! Success!

That's right, @chbartist, if we have clear objectives we must work on them and achieve our goals.

Yes sir we have goals in life, without goals life is meaningless. Thank you sir for sharing with us

Thank you friend!

This hits me hard! --"If you don't set goals for yourself, you are sure to not achieve much" Sometimes I get tired of setting goals for myself and I ended up frustrated.

Goals should always be along with focus, otherwise goals are just goals. Success!

Yeah you hit the nail on the head.

great advice! the more we do, the more we can do.

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con usted, eso mismo intento yo a pesar que mi reputación es bastante baja (35) me he puesto una meta y era llegar a 50 de reputación antes que terminara este mes. Creo que la mejor forma para llegar a nuestras metas es como usted dice, trabajando todos los días en hacer blogs de calidad y apoyar a las personas que también lo hacen bien.

Setting goals really helping me to concentrate on important tasks. I could improve my efficiency and utilise free time to enjoy....

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This is what I needed lately! thanks for posting this, helped a lot! Good job as always, more power to you @chbartist!

Thank you @adriangiotto more power for all of us!!!!!!

People like you are needed to this platform, even in downtime your thoughts are inspiring to stay afloat, to carry on...

Thank you and Have a great day.

Thank you friend!

@chbartist you are right we have set a reasonable goal and be stable on that decision thanks for sharing your motivational words

Thank you friend!

Thanks again for the motivation sir. I've just listed the topic I know I am able to write. Setting goals is easy but to accomplish them it takes time and effort. For me, keep the vision alive and look what have you accomplished. That's should be drive you to go on. Hope i can write soon.

Well said chbartist, goal setting is nessary to progress in life. I myself have always put things off and waiting to the last minute, procrastinate, then I never seem to get anything accomplished. Setting 1 goal and working foward toward it and accomplish it then continue the process. Thanks you for sharing!!

Thank you friend!

Well said @chbartist. I agree that setting goals can help with motivation. When starting out and there is little evidence of success, the thought that you are working towards a goal can be just the motivation needed to keep going, keep striving to succeed.

Thank you very much sir,
I am planning to start my own cafe in few months. and because of your motivational blogs i actually got confident to start my business.
i will share my cafes pics to you as soon as possible...


Plan, then ATTACK, attack, attack! And start today....


If you just do not stop! You will win the final victory. Planning does bring that quicker.


It’s the simplicity of it that’s comfortable to accept and begin to practice now.

It is hard to keep motivated. We all have that challenge.
Thanks for the article.

@chistar, wise words, true !, the basis of success, is the planning of strategies, execute that planning and have discipline in what it does,
super motivated, thanks for the tips

Thank you for read and comment!

very well said. the secret of getting ahead is getting started.

@chbartist Would you say it's better to see the big picture and work towards that. Or set small daily goals?

Daily goals will take you to heaven. The higher your daily goal will be the faster you will reach your goal. Each person decides how much is their daily goal to accomplish. Regards

Without goals, you will not know if your efforts are worth it. Also, you will have less incentive to improve.

Thankyou for this article.I think that motivation is the best thing in the world.

Short and nice... Always like to read from you

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Thank you! Regards!

Write your goals on a paper. Say affirmation words. And act. Then stay motivated!
Great article.

Thank you friend!

I would like to add "keep faith on you"

stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.

I agree with you, it's difficult but not impossible. sometimes gains the discouragement. Thank you for sharing

Short and sweet. Great advice, and as one who is pretty new to Steemit, much appreciated. Thank you!

well said. the people sensible enough to give good advice are usually sensible enough to give none.

great piece, am motivated

motivation doesn't stand along. It stand on a great should stay motivated with that reason.ant-carrying-sugar.jpg

One of my teacher said to me

If you have zero chance to win something... Refrain from participating
But if you've 1% chance to win something.. Go make that 1% to 100%

These lines are quite motivational

I also believe in consistency. Set reasonable goals and be consistent.

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Just aim for your goals and don't afraid to make mistakes

nice post

Always a pleasure to accord with you

Siempre he tenido la misma opinion, y realmente los que quieren alcanzar el exito, necesitan estos tres factores en la vida...
FE (en DIOS)

Solo asi podremos ver GRANDES CAMBIOS y mejoras en nuestras vidas y en nuestra economia.

Well said. I am new to Dtube a few days ago. I felt dishearted that my content might not get that much attention. After reading this feeling a bit dedication, will surely continue making best content.

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Thanks for sharing your motivation. I come to trending posts to try and learn from others that are doing well. It gives me confidence that success can be obtained. I joined back in May, but let it go without understanding the platform. I came back to it about a month ago and have been doing a lot of research and trying to understand things. There are so many facets of this project now. It's hard to get started, but I am having fun being creative and reading what others are doing. I've made some friends and get some feedback by joining some of the writing contests and discords too. It's hard to get feedback when not many people see your posts. So thanks again for the encouragement!

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