A Sex Doll Joins Instagram, Gets Followers, Shares Photos With Her Man In Bed

in #life4 years ago

6602228_sexd.jpegWhy would anyone want to follow a sex doll on social media? Well maybe for the same reason people own sex dolls in the first place.
A sex doll named Honey now has an Instagram account where "she" posts photos of herself and her boyfriend (owner). Honey's photos range from photos of her alone in suggestive positions to photos of her with her boyfriend Casey (aka CK13) cuddling and doing other stuff.

6604544_screenshot20180125224617.jpegThe account was created in Dec 2017 and now has 132 followers. Honey is something of a Slayqueen with the way she changes clothes and wigs with the help of her boyfriend. Casey even applies makeup for her and takes her to the pool and the bathroom.

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