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Happy Holidays to you all. We hope you all are enjoying this time with your love ones. Embrace those around you and let them know that you love them because life is not promised to no one. To those who find it difficult to cope during these times due to circumstances, may the universe guide your path to comfort.
Circle of Friends welcomes you all with open arms so let us be that shoulder you can lean on. We are here to provide encouragement as well as information on how to advance your understanding of cryptocurrency.

Our mission is to create a community of active users who desire to grow on Steemit. We welcome all users to join our network of active steemiteers and let us help each other progress.

If you are interested in joining this awesome network, start by complying with these simple rules

  • Be sure you are following me. This ensures you to see each group related post.

  • Upvote and resteem this post.
    (This is important not only to help get the word out, these post payouts will be distributed to all active members in the group.)

  • Highly recommended for all users to join the group chat on discord. This is where the member will promote their post. This helps better organize the content for the members.


  • New participants
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  • Active members
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In order for this to be successful we need everyone to participate. The more participation we have, the more rewarding this can be for our members in regards to upvotes, comments, steemit reputation, followers, etc...

There are tools available that are used to make sure each member complete the requirements. So please do not try to take short cuts.

Failure to complete the group requirements will directly effect the payout received by those individuals for the shared pot.

To have your post resteemed, you must join the discord chat group. https://discord.gg/tAuvfF9

Inside the group there's a separate room for post promotion, please post the blog you want resteemed by me in this channel only. Failure to do so will result in your post note being resteemed that day.

You must remain in the chat for 10 minutes the first time there before you have access to post links in the chat.

Use the hashtag #circleoffriends on all your post to improve reachability to all members.