Learn How To Recognize Toxic People

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Do you know a toxic person? 

We all have dealed with toxic people, trying to not get dust on their poison. Even if you haven't noticed you're with a toxic person, I'm sure that you'll feel that at some point in your life you've met a person who fits the description.

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What can you do about them? Nothing.

Being able to recognize their harmful behaviour is the only thing you can do to reduce their impact. You can't change what they do, but you can change what how you act about it

You deserve to have people in your life who is nice with you, who you enjoy spending time with, and who love you by the way you are.

It's important to recognize them in orden to avoid falling under their influence:


There's one day that they'll be completely nice and lovely and the other day you'll be wondering what have you have done to upset them. Maybe you can ask them what's going on, and they will tell you "nothing" but adding a raised eyebrow, a cold shoulder or a heaving sigh. You'll feel guilty and will be trying to find ways to make them happy. See the way it works? you need to stop pleasing them.

Toxic people have discovered that decent people care about making feel happy the person they love. Remember that you're not responsible for anybody else's feelings but you. If you know you haven't done anything harmful, and that person don't tell you anything even if you're asking, them let it go. 


They love to get people to do what they want them to do. They use other people to get their goals realized. 

They have a particular way to send some kind of vibe to make you fell you owe them something. You don't owe them anything.


They're very negative and tend to judge people. They complain very often and most of the time tend to blame others for anything that goes wrong on their lives. If you see that someone's negativity is blocking you from having a good time, it's better to end this toxic relationship.

We knoe that sometimes we act wrong and that's normal, but toxic people will make you completely sure you know it. They'll try to make you feel less than because you made a mistake. 

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They don't know the meaning of apologizing, they'll prefer to lie instead. You'll find how they twist the story, change the way all it happened, finding that even them believe their own lies. They don't apologise because they don't see any reason to do it, because always everything is someone else's fault. 

You don't need an apology to move forward, just go ahead without them. Don't keep the argument going because they'll never stop. Some people want to be right more than being happy and you have a lot of better things to do than to fight with this kind of people.


Celebrating your good news with you? NEVER. They'll always find reasons about why your good news aren't great. An example? You had a promotion in your job and they say "The money they'll pay to you isn't that great for the amount of work you will have to be doing". Did you get me?

Don't let them shrink you down. Remember, you don't need their approval, or anyone else's even.

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So, toxic people are emotional draining. Spending time with them will leave you at the end frustrated and even angry. Limit your contact with them, or maybe, if you can, cut every kind of relation.

Your time and energy are really essential for your own life. Don't feel guilty for taking them away.


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