Bear steals fish from us while fishing

in #life3 years ago (edited)

Hair raising experience while fishing the other day with my friends. I @cliffpower took the video. Thats my friend lance in the pic with the bear. I got to say he loves that picture.
Bears just like fish, what can I say.
Just click on pic to play. Hope you enjoy

Just click on pic to play. Hope you enjoy



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Double Wow

bearrry, bearrry obvious! lol

hey! seems you like my term bearry much! lol

just so apt with the story, bro! lol

Incredible. I tried to see a bear several times while camping in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. But we were never fortunate enough to see one. We heard stories though of bears coming and stealing camper's food right out of their hands and then just walked away...

Clever bear. It outsmart the human

Wow, fishing in England is pretty tame compared to this!


no time for tea on this river :)

Oh I disagree, there's always time for a cuppa old boy! 😁☕


oh man a wild bear?! 😨
i'm happy he didn't steal your life! i'd shit my pants..

Great! Long time man no see you!

thx, been busy :) lots of fishing

lucky you man!! crazy experience I bet.

Ya it was great

did it even say "thanks for the fish"?

You know he didn't :)

looks like it 'cause he had his fill.. forgot his manners...hehe..

i wouldn't dare! i think even before you can go near it, it will scurry. but most likely, i will be the first one to run..haha

i don't think they really attack people unless provoked. so, just relax, bro.

it's cool to watch them and they do get very close at times. Just stay calm is the best and just let them have the fish :)

right! they just have to survive, too. as long as you don't hurt them, they won't harm people. we have a lot of misconceptions about them, i guess.

oh my! that's scary!

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