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What do you mean it's by donation? Thats amazing! You do what? We at Extreme Coffee House are a by donation Coffee House that trains youth for the work world and also provides a place to volunteer. A place where anyone can develop their gift of giving. A place to shine :) Our shop is located in a building full of doctors that help people with PTSD- Post-traumatic stress disorder, so there's a lot of people that just need a peaceful place to relax. My coffee house is getting a reputation for just that. Some of the patience will come and just sit and listen to the soft playing instrument music. It's amazing to see. You don't have to buy anything to use our washroom or just sit and relax. This has created a free feeling, a feeling of awe. Today I had the 3 AMIGAS! as my baristas, they are so fun to work with. And have committed to working the whole summer YEHHHHHHH!

THE 3 AMIGAS!IMG_4693.jpg
All 3 of these young ladies can Manage the Coffee House and train others. It's amazing to watch them grow.

Today a guy comes in and it seemed something was wrong. Blood coming from his hand and he was a little shy to ask for help. He asked for a bike pump to pump his tire on his bike. It turned out a volunteer had one a block away so he went to get it and I made the beautiful African man a Latte, he said no no no I have no money. I said it was on me. He was amazed and said what is this place. So I shared with him the Extreme Coffee House story. I asked to patch up his hand and he said really maun and I said yes maun :) I got him all bandaged up and it turned out his tire on his bike was destroyed and didn't need air it needed a new tube because when he hit the curb with his bike he went flying through air and the tire was beyond repair. We took him to the bike repair shop and got him all looked after :) He was so excited that someone would help him to this extent. Thats why were here and what we do. I love it so much.
We also train a lot of international student's that don't speak much english. After 3 months with us they're confidence is so high and they are so thankful for the experience. We've had people from Taiwan, Iran,Korea,Japan,China, Africa, and the list goes on :)IMG_4689.jpg

A Team from USA came to help for a week, what a blast we had!
This young lady Susan was so excited to learn english and how to be a barista and then off she went back to Iran. I learnt so much from her about the culture she lives in!
Meet Uni a doctor from Taiwan came down for 3 months and learnt english and how to make lattes. What a hard worker he was. And Sylvia from Victoria a retired woman who needed a place to serve :)
These are a couple of my Superkids who brought their superkid badge in for a free hot chocolate. OH did I say the badge doesn't expire :)
Remember you always got to have time for a lick :) Were surrounded by dogs here that are being trained as service dogs so it's a extra blessing. Well there's a little blog about my Coffee House. Love you guys and thx for all your encouragement on steemitIMG_4759.jpg
Lets remember to train up the next generation.....CHEERS


Really cool story and thank you for sharing - im not much of a coffee guy, but I think I may try again after reading this haha :)

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Hey @joeparys
I did your course on udemy. It was great. I got a long ways to go but I'll keep plugging along. We also do tea at the coffee house. Coconut latte is a WOW. Thx for the upvote I'm honored

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Great to see people giving and spreading love. Keep at it, you guys are doing an amazing job! 👏

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thanks Great to see people giving

Very nice😃😃

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This is really awesome
Keep it up guys keep sharing
God bless you all

Wow. Very nice of you guys to do what you do. Im following and like it very much.

thank you, have a great day

wow, really awesome stuff. It does feel good to give, I know the feelings. It's so great to see that there are so many ways people can contribute in this world.

very cool initiative

Coming soon COFFEE HOUSE With A Cause-Part 2 I've been asked a lot of questions on how I started it and a more in depth story on the Coffee House! Next week I should have this done CHEERS
and thx for all the encouragement


so tasty

No one has ever become poor by giving.
good work !
@cliffpower @sems41

so true, I love that statement

Very Cool coffee shop. making me thirsty!

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COFFEE WITH A CAUSE is an amazing brother.
a little Coffee House is truly cool.
Keep it up.

Upvoted ^_^

Fight for what is right.

Thanks, I think grumpy must sleeping lol. I love the Coffee House. Fun place

if you time visits my blogs, I have some interesting blog too. ^_^

yes I will visit :)

lets give the cat some great taste coffee and join us..hahahah

Great to see people giving and spreading love. Keep at it, you guys are doing an amazing job! 👏

That sounds lile a good idea

Wow! How I wish there's some place like your coffee shop here in my country (:

Start one :)

Should be AMIGAS!

Ok thx I corrected it. :)

What a beautiful story and mission!

I'm Rob, the cofounder of Would you like to set up a fundraising campaign for your coffee shop? My team and I would be delighted to help in any way we can! :)


That would be great, I'll look into it forsure. Thank you

Great post, and let me resteem your post !

thank you have a great day

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Thanks for caring... It's contagious! Upvoted and resteemed!

@cliffpower you are an epitome of awesomeness, keep on keeping on, blessings follow you...thumbs up....

thank you :) love it

Good job. Don't stop in helping people. Always do good

I will have to visit your coffee house sometime. Greetings from Fernwood village, Victoria

thats amazing, we should have a coffee together forsure. We should should have a Steemit meeting there and see how many are in victoria. cool

God is watching us. This act had surely made Him smile. Hope everyone who will read this post will do even a small act of kindness too.
Let's make kindness viral all the time!
God bless us all😘😘😘

Right on thx for your encouragement

Excelente trabajo el que hacen en equipo @clifffpower
Dios les continúe Bendiciendo. Todo lo que se hace con amor siempre merece una gran recompensa. Dijo un sabio: "El que tiene mucho que de mucho, y el que tiene poco que de poco; pero nada es lo suficientemente pobre como para no dar"

Felicitaciones y Bendiciones a tu vida, y a los que te acompañan en tan digna labor...


Excellent! Thank you for the reminder :) Bless you bro

DUDE you get an upvote
Cliff Jump.jpg

Your place is an inspiration and we should all thank your community service as well as the example you set for the rest of us to follow suite. I am currently living in the Philippines and something like this would actually help a lot of local folk here, in fact even in my home country South Africa. So know that you've sewn the seed and now it's up to us all to use what you have created to help us better our own communities and help our people.

Thank you @cliffpower

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Truly extraordinary, the way you runing your business. we need more idea like what you did, when coffe shop is not only place for hang out with our friends but more than that.
I am really inspired by you because if you know my place in Aceh Indonesia is the popular place with coffee shop, in Aceh most of people spend their time in coffee shope more than in their house or office and if you come here on every street you pass you will always find a coffee shop unfortunetly most of people here just spend their time for nothing, just little use the time in coffee shop for something benefit.
Even right now I'm in coffee shope, because here I can find very good wi-fi signal.

you can read my article about coffe shop in my place #Aceh :

Your Idea is so brilliant, I hope if I have business capital, it's one of my dream. :)

Excellent you should start one it would be awesome.

You are awesome with the great sense of business advertising, you are really good at this, Harding be that I'm in USA now u would have love to come over there to your coffee shop because you have really win my heart with your soft words and kindness you bestow unto your customers. The beautiful and ever prepared staff that you have also are good when it comes to there duty. You have a great sense of humour too, I believe your coffee shop will be such a blessing place to be at Any things as someone will always feel at home. Plus the training your were given the new student who can't speak English very well you are really might for this job. You know what it takes to run a business to higher level.

Thank you :) It's a really fun place

Beautiful work you do through your coffee shop friend @cliffpower, to help people regardless of age, sex or culture to learn a trade and feel useful people. I admire your generosity.

steemit upvote pic.jpg

thank you, I did not expect so much, I really liked your coffee and how to project it. I love coffee. You look funny in that image hahaha

Thank you! Have a great day and it's always good to help others

Hello from venezuela, I love coffee so much, i enjoyed with this excellent post, If I were out there with great pleasure, congratulations on your project, I will follow you..

Thank you Cheers

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Helpfulness and unconditional love of humankind is what we need in this world.Just like what you ladies did..
Kudos and congrats!

Thx and Cheers

excellent publication I would like to take a moment of relaxation with a good coffee and relax and be able to see the attention of the people. Successes of the cafeteria

thank you people love it and it's fun

Beautiful the color coffee @cliffpower, beautiful message, beautiful the "tres amigas"...wonderful your initiative. Bravo!

Wow. That's really a noble act to start such a coffee house which is not at all money oriented.Great to see people like you.I hope that it would be a great initiative.

Service to the fellow human is the Service to the Lord.

Thank you, God Bless You

for lack of a better expression... WOW! It is so awesome to see that there are people in the world that actually do care, and have such kindness and love in their hearts!
The world needs people and organisations like you!
Well done

That's amazing! I love hearing about these kinds of initiatives. People just need to be given a chance, no matter how small. It could be the first step on a ladder, but these oppurtunities go a long. We need more of this kind of thinking in the world. I love the sense of community you're fostering there. Much Love.

Thank you it's a blast

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Excelent iniciative!! love it!!
Good look

From your post I learned a lot about coffee.

You are creating so much goodwill and empowering people. This is caring for humanity. Salute to you and all the cafe workers. I believe you are in for a jackpot of goodluck soon.

Awesome thank you for the encouragement. Have a great weekend

nicely written. Where is this place .. id like to visit too.

really awesome stuff. It does feel good to give

Nice girls with super coffes :)

The 3 beautiful amigas. You are an inspiration to others especially for the young individuals. You show concern even to the strangers you know that needed help. You are beautiful inside and out. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much, I will let them know :)

Having PTSD myself, I congratulate you on your efforts of giving back to the community. You don't see many places doing that these days and this brings joy to my heart to see such a wonderful cause.

Thank you, I hope you have a great day. Thats for your encouragement

Thank you! Keep continue what you are doing and you will help make the world a better place by showing your random acts of kindness!

Congratulation cliffpower! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 69min with 21 votes.

its a very nice story,i wait your next stories

Continue the good work, it is a great gesture.

Luar biasa. sungguh tempatmu adalah suatu tempat yang menyenangkan aku suka, untuk masa sekarang ini jarang orang mau perduli terhadap kesulitan orang lain, tetapi anda lain dari pada yang lain. teruskan berkarya demi kemanusiaan. Semoga Sukses selalu.

Hello, you are looking very beautiful.

Wow. Do you like Coffe? Ever drink Coffe from Aceh, Indonesia?

hey right on

This is amazing love u guys

I've followed you and your voute, add me as well as your friend, because I'm new in steemit please help me in improving steemit.

Wow! I would definitely visit there.

I think this is cute and awesome to be truth 👍

Beautiful girls😍 my pupil got dilated when i saw u.

Excellent is nothing better than having coffee with friends or family.

Life starts after coffee, cheers!

Enjoy :)

NIce post !!

That's amazing, i hope you guys will having a nice day, and do not stop improving!

very good research and thinking mate!

Guys support my chennal...

What an awesome and caring business model fantastic work!! And very thoughtful and kind!! Where you guys based I would love to help out!!

Victoria bc and thank you

Cool thank you I will be passing through Canada soon hopefully!!!

go to my website and send me an email if you come to Victoria. We'll make you a latte :) Cheers

Nice job :) very funny

is coffee is better than tea?

conrats brooh.
effort does not betray results.

Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards

What a lovely place !
Seeing ppl like you still exist in the world , ppl who accept others differences and actually they don't expect something in return is just promising and such a relief .
God bless all the kind hearted ppl.

Keep loving .... I used to take coffee ☕️ with my friend Suhail at evening near dal lake ☺️☺️☺️

i like coffee


I like coffee ,i wish i could join you for a day!

정말 가슴이 따뜻해 지는 내용이네요. 이런 내용을 이렇게 자연스럽게 쓸 수 있다니 정말 놀랍습니다. 정말 훌륭한 문필가이십니다.
hello guys! look this page, it's very important for us. It's for help children of marocco Thank you! :)
hello guys! look this page, it's very important for us. It's for help children of marocco Thank you! :)


awesome post.

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I didn't even know "by donation" businesses existed. It's an interesting concept. This feels so cosy and warm and awesome and in my mind, it seems like this is what being human means and what society should be like! Kudos!

I like coffe! ☕🤗
Congratulation for your family!

After reading your article, I remembered a wise saying that I really like. It sounds like this: "If you don't know what to do, choose from all variants the most good." This is really a very wise idea, because we are not always able to predict and calculate what will eventually lead one or another of our actions. A sincere desire for good certainly does not attract negative into your life. And the desire to do good deeds serves as an indicator of your fullness of inner energy. Because only when you are filled, you feel the desire to give, to bring positive and good to the world. Your desire to help is very important.