Making a difference

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Can we really make a difference in someone's life? A simple hello or Or just giving a simple glass of water to a thirsty person. I know we can make a difference in a life because when I was on the street with nothing to eat and no shoes a person gave me food and it showed me someone still cared. I was so broken I lacked hope for just about anything. Day after day I would receive an act of kindness and these all lead to my life changing experience with God and I've been off the street now for 30 plus years and now I lead the largest kids outreach on vancouver island. It's so amazing what a gester of love can do. So come on Steemians lets send some love to those around us......


Lovely I liked this
Sleep difficulty is due to the complexity and speed of our lives
The best solution is to stay away from routine
Thanks for sharing..‏

I’m glad to hear your inspirational story and I’m glad you overcame those obstacles. You are strong!

Seeing People like you, motivating others really makes my heart warm. Thank you for making this community amazing!

Hey Cliffpower, I have a question for you. How did you manage to get $300/post?
Does followers count matters? Possible for you to share a blogspot on how steemit works? I kind of like this place, but it seems to be flooded with bots or people who just want to comment for the sake of it?

Yes I will some day, however I'm new to steemit and still have a lot to learnt. I'm learning to use the bots and some of them didn't like this post because it was to short. I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. I believe slow and steady wins the race. Just have fun and post away. I'm still blown away this post went crazy/ Cheers

Thank you so much for your insights! I think I will do that as well. Just being transparent about myself and share to this platform! thanks buddy!!

Everyone has something special to give and remember your a Champaign

Hey Cliff, possible for you to be transparent with me and share with me how are you making income online and how much are you currently making?

I love happy endings :D we are close to a win win all my friends, just we are going to help with what seams to be a problem.

About three years ago today, a co-worker on my last job made a big difference in my life by being kind to me. As an immigrant myself, I could barely speak a word of english, but that didn’t stop from becoming my friend. She made me believe in humanity once more.

Thats great, I'm glad you had someone to help you. EXCELLENT because that encourages you to help others

Yes we can make a difference in someone’s life. What matter how we feel inside that day, simple act of smiling can change a person’s life. Too often we are too self absorbed to be bothered by other people, need to change that!

Nice post @cliffpower. I Really got inspired by your words. Good job!

@cliffpower It is simply great to share our experiences; and even more, to motivate others.
I am happy to know, in our world, we can found persons as you.

Thank you, I see your also a very kind person. Have a great day

@cliffpower Thanks, I wish a big day to you as well. Is a honor share this message with you. I want to remember always your name Id.
God bless you. I like to do a difference as you explained.

Right on thx I will also remember your name God Bless

The world will be full of love and enjoyable to live in when it is proliferated by people like you...God bless @cliffpower! Please continue being a blessing to others...

it's great sharing and getting to know fellow steemers, God Bless you @joshvel

I try but in my country is almost impossible to be happy, but we are trying always, Venezuela is my home; I hope steemit and all of you help me brothers and sisters

Dear @franmillan I want you to know that I am with you. I know the difficult condition of your country.
You have my support.

Appreciate how hard it is for people in your country, here's my upvote, it's not much but it's better than nothing!

Hello you have my support as well.

@franmillan I understand perfectly what you are talking about. But like my sis always says: " No matter the situation you're in, try to create heaven out of your living hell.

Hi franmillan, I am also from Venezuela yet happiness is a decision. We need all the help we can get however we must avoid mistakes in our country such as the bachaqueo... and most importanly contribute to educate people by setting examples. Be encourage .

Dear @franmillan , you have to make a deliberate decision to be happy, no matter what is happening around you, because a ship can not sink in the sea unless it allows water to enter it. What I am saying is that, if you don't allow the negative impression your country has to affect your mind, you will thrive and be happy. Because happiness comes from within. Never the less you have my support.

I am happy as you @zayan69 when I found a group of steemian as @cliffpower and you.

@sondoroy Hello steemian. It is a great post, because it is, exactly how we needs people act today.
I hope to read your post you again.

@nazmulsikdar98 Be aware, by 11.5.2018 you could be one of the winners.
If you work. See you soon.


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I know I'm amazed people really loved this one :) I will continue to encourage and one day I just might be a whale so I can give more :)

people really loved this one

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good post

Wow just wow

People who have been through hard time are usually more sensitive to the needs of others and they are usually the ones who move on to make differences in many lives. Kudos @cliffpower.

Making a difference is easy. Just try to make it for the positive, not the other way around. Spread love!

When everyone have a wonderful passion to help and to love each other. we can make all of us feels like special in all aspect of life, and living with full of happiness, because everyone is deserve to be happy and equally LOVE!

Love it

Thank You1

As touching as this story is, I don't think it's worth a trending spot.

lol it is worth it. I didn't think I would get this many upvotes wow it's crazy. A changed life is worth a trending spot :) even if it's someone else. Have a great day. I'm enjoying all the post.

I'm glad you can be civil. Have a nice day yourself. :)

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excellent work,,keep it up bro

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Hello! Nice to meet you! This world needs more people like you!

hello nice to meet you

with God and I've been off the street now for 30 plus years and now I lead the largest kids outreach on vancouver island.

A testimony, i tell you. I haven't lived on the streets before, so i wouldn't know how hard it was for you, but I'm glad there are still people who care enough to reachout and show kindness. It gives me hope for humanity and i am glad you're paying back the world in kindness.

There's always enough love to go around.

Thx, It was rough for years but I have a great life. Have a great day and thx for the reply

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Always remember that God loves you so much :)

THANK YOU that is something I always want to remember, God Bless You Keep shining for God :)

Well said!

🙌hi friends @cliffpower greetings from Venezuela, very good post, I liked the image very much, I would like to have a little more time with this borrowed computer, to make a better constructive criticism, but I will be giving my contribution with my vote and this short comment of his post, nothing more to say his amgo always @manduto are wanted 🙌🙌

A moving story, but God is great and always keeps us in mind. Congratulations on your achievement.

Una historia conmovedora, pero dios es grande y siempre nos tiene presente. felicidades por tu logro

Hey thank you, I'm blown away that this post is doing so well. I love reading all the amazing encouraging post. Have a great day :)

A testimony, i tell you. I haven't lived on the streets before, so i wouldn't know how hard it was for you, but I'm glad there are still people who care enough to reachout and show kindness. It gives me hope for humanity and i am glad you're paying back the world in kindness.

This is one of the most beautiful write ups I have ever read.

Kindness they say keeps the world afloat. Thank you for keeping the world afloat, "for keeping us all afloat"as this is everyone's responsibility.

People like you, and a few like minds are not very many. Oftentimes, the burden that goes with being kind is so much to bear; especially when you hit a cross road, or when within you, there is nothing you can do or maybe that thought that you can't save everyone creeps in. Well, the good side is the kind ones still have to find a way and they always do. Truly, an ounce of help is not only better than a pound of preaching, but much mightier than doing nothing. I give credit to Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton.

Also, one of my favourite Mother Theresa quotes say...

and to be real frank with you, not only are you doing great things, you are also doing all the small once with great love.

Once again thank you for saving the world. Same thanks goes to every like mind.

thx good encouragement. Mother Teresa is amazing and a good example of loving the poor. Have a Blessed day

You have good thoughts....
I have written something on same lines please check.

excellent thx and have a great day. Keep up the good work

You don't realize the value of kindness until you run out of it! Great that your spreading your awareness @cliffpower

Even a simple smile can make a difference.

a simple smile can make difference u & me

Yes, I believe we can make a difference In people's life. All what you have said are just examples of what we can do. I'm glad you are passing this message to us all because I believe we have all learnt to be doing good because even Jesus, while on earth, he was doing good, so let's have Jesus as our role model and you will find out that our nation will get better . If we make a difference in one's life, I bet you, you will never lack.. Thanks for sharing this with us, God bless you

God bless you friend. Nice post, very emotional.

This is the true meaning of the song "one man can change the world " Anyone who has been in those shoes or crisis would understand. I stand with you on your outreach in Vancouver and hope I have enough money to imbibe this in my country too

Is there a link to the song? I'm interested in this

The children are our future generation and they are definitely going to make a difference

This is a first story after I become a steemit user. It's simple but touching. Thanks for your story. I'll try to make a difference in someone's life. ^^

I am sorry that you have lived. It is in the hands of man to make the world beautify and worsen. We must do goodness. For beauty, for our future.

Life is all about love. nice post

Small article but it will help everybody to thing widely.

Wise words from an inspiring person! Thank you for the post! Take care!

I started to follow you as I'm really looking forward to what you have to say :) Take care!

God is love and I am sure you are in his service !

Such act of kindness is very rare nowadays. Its just feels good to know that someone cares

wow looking so cool bro. Very nice look. It was a amazing beginning and you are a great beginner @cliffpower. Awesome

thx have a great day

excellent publication. very good greetings from venezuela
help me with your vote please @cliffpower

You are the best example. You are truly blessed. God bless you more.

I also wish to make a difference if you can help me organise a small medium in which i can give them my jokes and make them [email protected]

Wow we have to atleast try this things but we dont care. We only cares about money if we do this things then we all mak world a peacefull and rich world so please please atleast try it

Thanks for the great work you are doing. Do you have a website where we can contribute to the kids outreach? Or probably visit?

Thank you!

Thank you.. Will action this.

The good teacher in life is our experience no matter how hard it is but the most important of them is on how we make different from other specially in a good ways. Just like you, you ,made great and chosen by GOD to outreached that program and i believe that big things happen in your family. So inspiring work thank you for sharing @cliffpower

Thank you for the encouragement :)

your welcome always

Agree with you we can change some one life by treating with them

I hope my vote can help you and kids
i so happy to do that!

Thank you so much for sharing... Any act of kindness can make a big difference in someone's life. Sometimes it might take a simple smile to brighten someone's soul.
I love children.. I started a non profit organisation for Orphans and the needy here in GA as well.
keep up the good work and stay bless!!

Right on God Bless you richly in all you do and supply your needs in abundance :)

Thank you so much... May continue to bless you as well in all that you are doing! :)

God so loved the world that He GAVE... It should be in the nature of every Christian to do the same. Freely you have received; freely give. Thanks @cliffpower for sharing your message.

Hey amen @norma-jean thx
God'sBlessings to you :)

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really nice post. congrats. upvoted follow greeting from Canada

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Experiences is the greatest teacher in our lives.One can make difference if we showed love and care unconditionally.Congrats and more power.

This post has received a 16.36 % upvote from @boomerang.

Every kind of man and woman learn it and they gives it to other.Than the hol country will be change.Thank for your advise.I try it in my life.

You are really great. @cliffpower It is simply great to share our experiences; and even more, to motivate others. I am happy to know, in our world, we can found persons as you.

really good post to read........... thanks

@cliffpower, There is no act of love that is little or huge, but i keep wondering why some people always find it so hard to assist others despite the fact that they are well to do... as for me anyway, it has been my earnest prayer to be blessed and be a source of bless to others...may GOd help us all

Correcto hermano @cliffpower, bendiciones y exitos
Ajz naka logo post final - copia - copia.jpg

I believe Healing is a simple act of kindness which brings alot meaning to someone's life, If everyone starts believing a smile can change a life what a great world that would be.

You are just an great inspiration man. Just keep motivating others and we are just glad to have u in this family @cliffpower

good post, great cause, have a vote.

thank you, looks like you have a great job that you love. I love mine as well :) Have a great weekend

I agree . Always do good :) you can change someone's else life with this.

still i am single, 22 years old, i think alone is batter, haha,, best of luck bro

Yes, sometime we can change one's life without knowing it. Just think good, and act good, the rest let's God care