What do you Remember on Remembrance day? Has it changed over the years? Has for me :-)

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Millions of people lost their lives decades ago for you Freedom? How has that freedom served you?


My father, destroyed his life and family doing the Honorable thing decades ago fighting globalism by Nazi forces. Today we are told it is a good thing because decent people want the same thing. Good people destroy or end their lives daily to this day by the same ideals to protect our freedoms?

I have no freedoms left that I can think of compared to my youth, And not only do I have no freedoms but in cases, cannot even express my opinions on certain topics without the fear of attack or incarceration by the forces that be!

Bigots and uninformed people will always existed, but some how they have gained world wide power to control the rest of us? These where the very people my Father risked his life to eliminate so many years ago! and we were told had been defeated!

In my eyes they have taken over, not only a small region but most of the world! In fact, the very people that sent my Father overseas to eliminate the Nazis were busy themselves genocideing the native population right on our home soil!

Real nice folks these government people are :-)

Lest WE forget Indeed! Shame on anyone paying lip service to dead Veterans without knowing why they died and continue to die to this day.

Think people think, and prevent futher suffering by people You Elect !