Lake Michigan: How I've Missed You

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I've been enjoying my time back in Michigan with family for my sister-in-law's wedding the past week. One of the best parts of returning to my home state is seeing Lake Michigan, a sight unlike anything we have back in Colorado.

The Rocky Mountains may be spectacular in their own right, but visiting the beach in the summertime simply is unparalleled. If you haven't visited Michigan in the summer, make sure to head out here some time!

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What part of michigan you from? Im in chicago but im out in bridgman or stevensville almost every weekend

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Grand Rapids originally. I'm unfamiliar with those towns

Those are towns in SW Michigan along lake Michigan. The one nearby you've probably heard of is New Buffalo. Those are smaller towns between New Buffalo and say South haven.

I've always wanted to go to Grand Rapids, supposed to be a really cool city with breweries and restaurants. My buddy said the founders brewery is awesome. Hopefully make it out there this summer