To my husband..

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I wrote this for my husband a little while ago. I read it again last night after an argument, to reminder myself that we can survive anything. We're going through a rough patch, mainly because we're both really busy and have no time to reconnect.

I am angry at you, and I am upset.. and I love you.


The war

And though the head
held high had faced
a thousand winters and
the steady hand had waved
a thousand swords,
you dared to fight for
what they all worked hard
to destroy.

And your head dropped;
and your hand trembled.

You stood against monsters
who never stopped
rising from the ground;
And you never fell.

When you traced my veins
with your fingers,
I wept.
For warmth had never touched me before.

Thank you for reading!

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Love endures all things. Both in sweet and tough times, we still have to continue loving.
Nice post friend

When you traced my veins
with your fingers,
I wept.
For warmth had never touched me before.

Wow girl that's amazing. We all have good and bad patches in our relationships but still managing to love is the key.
Great poetry though. Your husband is lucky to have you

nice history my friend @corina

love the lines of the poem, Thanks for sharing.

It's inspires.... Lovely

Lovely poem. I hope you have made friends with your husband now. These things happen in marriage sometimes...disconnecting, no time etc. but we can always make it right if we put effort in :)

Oh, God, I loved it, I give you my vote and I invite you to visit my blog @corina

relationship never broken if they are respects to each other.

I like it. Thank you for your heart :)

Thank for sharing friends.....!!

So nice! I have been blessed to have been living 37 years this July with my best friend. There are always ups and downs .....

Tonight, I can relate to this one! Thanks for the share.

True love is worth sweating, crying, and bleeding for. Always appreciate it because tomorrow is not a sure thing.

Nice poem. Hope everything settles down and you guys get back to where you need to be in your relationship .

Some monsters can only be defeated through ignorance and a change of the battlefield. Beautiful poem.

My wife just moved out yesterday and I'm broken by it. This was beautiful, as love is...

beautiful lines for that person who accompanies you and occupies an important place in your heart, we all go through difficult times but you should never change greetings, love conquers everything.

Beautiful mind give beautiful life and love is big thing of our beautiful mindness