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Oh! If she could have it all again she could work harder, she could sleep less, or listen more; But how? for she offerred her whole being and was not enough..

Oh! If she could have it all again she would hold you! She would freeze time at the age when you still cried to be held, because the pain of hurting you is sharper than any blow she would happily take, if only to not see the sorrow in your eye anymore..


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No Doubt There is Nothing Like a Mother on this Earth! She is the Only one Who sacrifices everything for her child! :')

Hey @corina

Two weeks until I see my family again and give my mum a hug! Although, it would be quicker if you popped over and did it! 😂

Beautifully written. Thanks


MOTHER… the word itself seems indispensable. I cannot think of a life without mother. From my childhood to what I am today there has been one prayer which I never forgot to ask from God- let me never lose my mother.

the affection of parents can not be avenged until the end of our life though, a post that is very touching the conscience,

hearttouching text. thank you very much.
the love parents have for their children is not comparable.

take care!

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I love my mother.

A great article i love my mother with all i have sweet mother i will neva forget you MY GOLD

God bless my mother who sat and watched me sleep. Who will not eat when I've not eaten. Whenever I'm sick, you'll see fears all over her face.

God Bless Her!

How much I miss My mum so much

El poder de la palabra; no muchos saben lo que significa eso.

What a beautiful tribute to mothers! Your words are very heartfelt, and the choice of picture was perfect. Nicely done, @corina!

Beautifully written @corina.

So short but so rich

Hermoso post @corina, y la imagen transmite algo valioso el amor hacia los hijos, el amor de la madre es algo sublime, lo que se asemeja al amor de Dios.