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There are times that anxiety struck into ourselves and it's hard to stand up again when we're down. Our brain doesn't think right and there's so much cobwebs in our head, especially when we're alone and nobody will lift us up. It can be deadly to those people who has weak mind that will lead to suicide. I'm going to share my ways on how to battle depression:

Meditation. Sometimes people pray to God, but I prefer meditation it's a way of communicating my soul and the universe, it will empty my mind from negative internal forces and also repel external negative forces.


Do something. I like taking a walk outside, having a deep breath and seeing beautiful nature. Sometimes I do household chores like: washing plates; it's quite refreshing, and I also read books; constant learning will fill my mind with new knowledge that keeps me going in life. lastly, I bond with my sister and my mother in a restaurant, chatting, laughing to divert my mind into a positive direction.


We have to do something in our struggle from depression, because there's a lot of people gave up their lives and the whole purpose of life is meaningless and get wasted. We were born to become part of something bigger than ourselves.

How do you armed yourselves from depression?



A great post you have this time lil bro @cortexx. 🙋🏼‍♀️
Depression causes a lot of things. That is why it leads us to lose interest and some activities and we feel sadness, it can also lead to our emotional and physical problems and decrease person’s ability at work and home. This is not just a plain feeling but a major depressive disorder, it’s a serious medical illness, but it is treatable. If asked by you how do we fight depression? I guess I would say I’ll do some activities which my body and mind will be energized, divert ourselves into interesting activities, talk to some friends whom you are comfortable with, open up your problems to people whom you trust maybe they can give you some advice, find a new hobby, be happy and also you need to pray. It’s hard to fight having a depression, we cant tell if we’re already in this situation but I think we should be more aware of what’s happening in our lives.

This is really wonderful post and a thought provoking one at that.
Depreciation can be deadly, it kills faster thank virus and if care is not taken, its transferable too.
The better one learns to overcome depression, the better the person becomes cos sometimes it occurs naturally and in other times, man made.
Meditation doesn't work for us here in Africa but taking a walk does.
Long walk at times heals and is usually good for both physical and mental fitness.
Thanks for this one

Para sakin kung sakali man na nakadarama tayo ng sobrang lungkot o panlulumo at mapansin na hindi na eto katulad ng normal na pagiging malungkot,kailangan nating tanggapin na maaring ito na ay depresyon.
And depresyon ay maaring resulta ng pinagsamasamang sanhi.
-Kailangan natin na tanggapin sa sarili natin na tayoy ay nadedepress na. Wag ibaliwala.
-Magpakonsulta sa espesyalista kung kinakailang. Ang sundin ang gamotan kung meron man.
-Mag-exercise, matulog ng sapat at kumain ng masusustansya
-Ipakipag-usap eto sa mga taong malapit na nagmamalasakit sa iyo at magpatulong.
-Pwede ka ding gumawa ng first aid kit na maaring gamitin panlaban sa depersyon
-maari mong isulat sa kit na iyan o sa isang aklat na kasali sa kit mo ang mga nakakapagpatibay na mga qoutes sa net or mga nagustuhan mong salita sa Bible
- Gumawa ng diary na pwede mong isulat lahat ng nararamdaman mo at mga inaalala mo
-mga bagay na nagpapa-alala sa iyo na may nagmamahal at nagmamalasakit sa iyo,maaring larawan ng kapamilya o malapit na kaibigan mo.
at iba pa...:)

oh! you're from Africa, i love Nelson Mandela :)

Anxiety is like a swamp. The more u fluctuate the more you sink into it. If a person is weak he or she can even end up doing suicide as u said. So one needs to stay away and protect himself/herself from such a disaster. But not everyone can and it changes the life of a person. I from an live example of my friend know how harshly it effects you. It doesn't let you do even things at which you once were best. Now coming to the remedies that i know have really worked are:
1)An empty mind is devils workshop, if you keep yourself indulged in a lot of work you have the best chances of overcoming it.
2)Stop thinking nonsense , if you are capable of doing this, it will be your best shot.
3)start exercising, maybe even go to gym or morning walks. What it will do is that it will refresh you.
4)start a healthy food habits. Say no to junk this really does work trust me.
5)proper sleep is what you want. You can achieve it by doing things which will make you tired. The tired you feel the early you go to bed. Please make sure not to take any sleeping pills. Sleep but sleep naturally.
6)maybe give yourself a break a go to vacations to your favourite places.
7)start keeping yourself happy each and every time. Make your brain think otherwise.
All the above points have worked on my friend. I gave her same advice she followed it and shes getting better and better. Hopefully if anyone faces such a troublesome let this work on him/her.

Things you have said above is true to everyone....when my mood is off ...i do listen to

lot of music

Go to gym

meet up friends

play my fav. FOOTBALL

watch movie

sit under the open sky (counting stars)

painting , this one fixes me


Praying is the best for me to do, next is telling to my problems to my family, but sometimes I can't explain how I feel, my emotion is my enemy, I feel lonely even I don't have big problem. So I usually write a diary, and I always remember the bible text 1 Peter 5:7, Throw all your anxities to him, because he cares. When I can't talk to anyone, I just close my eyes and hold my own hands praying to God. And I made some notes to do if I'm in a same situation. Association to others help me too. Enough sleep, and nutritious food can make my feeling better.

What helps me a lot is learning something new.
Also, support of friends is crucial.
I would totally suggest a therapist, but of course, I understand it can be expensive. However, many therapists nowadays have sessions via Skype or Viber and it is indeed cheaper.
SLEEP! Sleep a lot and eat good food.
And the last one is trying to look at everything from a distance like it is not happening to you, let it be. It is painful now, but you can make through it and you will be happy someday again!

Yeah depression messes with your head and sometimes brings suicidal thoughts in the mind. A human being can survive almost anything, as long as she sees the end in sight. But depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it's impossible to ever see the end. There are ways to counter depression. And the best of them are to engage with things and go out with friends.

thanks @cortexx for another great topic for discussion.

well my way of life shedule is when i woke up early in the morning and felt some troublesome i start analyzing myself whether my relation with god is still strong or there is something missing.
if the answer comes "" yes "" then i don't take tension and allow myself to face the problem and the answer come "" no " then i start to indicate that missing links and ask for mercy from god and pray for help and realizes that if god is with me then who is against me.

another strong point which i hold is that we should remain in 02 states i.e face the problem or close our eyes but listen both conditions you are the person who is going to face the problem the depression so why not to face the problem the depression braveheartly.

one thing i more noticed that if in depression you take tension then you are going to create some depressions for yourself so don't panic stay calm and let the depression to be ended.

and it will happen surely because night is black and day is bright and night has to be passed .

anxiety issues have an effect on forty million humans inside the united states of america (U.S.). it's far the maximum common institution of intellectual illnesses in the country. but, only 36.9 percent of human beings with the condition receive treatment.

In addition, surround yourself with positive and happy people. Detach yourself from negative and stressful people. Find what activities that will keep you busy.

Prayer helps me when I'm lonely. I try to do normal things and try not to take the problems too serious. If I have time, I go to the beach and relax for a moment. Talking to my friends helps too.

well i have a weapon to fight with that
MUSIC: music help me to forget everything!

Absolutely....fighting depression is getting it pretermit..... The best I find is by praying.. Because that gives u such a devine tranquility.... Thanks for your enlightenment...

Spending time with Friends and family is a good way to avoid depression.
But what if they are the cause of depression..
We should help ourselves as well as others who might need it..

medication can relief from depression!

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Depression is all in the mind and so the bible says "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect."- Romans 12: 2

We are to train our minds not to conform to the world, as the world has everything to get us all confused and bothered. :)

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we have to face depression but there are many ways to get out of this....

Solutions to problems are like sunshine.

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@cortexx its time to show resistance to anxiety great article .now i am doing the same .some time you need to get free from everything .and move on enjoy your life and after that you will feel some thing good .

Talking to God and meditate His words work for me. Sometimes to get rid of it, I listened to a music. Talk to my family and friends.

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