First CBD Lotion Massage

in #life3 years ago

I've recently been swamped with work and studying for some accreditation exams at the end of the month. Between the two, I've been spending around 65-85 hrs per week sitting at a desk and pretty stressed out.

I've taken THC-based CBD orally in the past but it can be a bit tough to acquire in Chicago (only hemp-based is available which I had not heard great thing about). Consequently, I started looking up massages on Groupon only to find a massage with CBD lotion!

I quickly purchased it but became slightly concerned that it might be a gimmick with the blowup of "Green" products and companies. I was incredibly wrong on this point!

The company is called Leafly Therapy and, wow, was it a great massage. The massage was professional in quality and the homemade lotion (CBD is imported and then mixed in) smelled great. I honestly felt like I had the tingles for 50% of the 75 minute massage.

I even was given a bottle of it to take home!
20181024 Leafly.jpg

In the day or so afterwards, I have felt more loose and relaxed than any other massage before. This during a time when I'm under high amounts of stress relative to normal.

The massage therapist is offering 50% off through the end of the year so I'm surely going to return again.

If you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend a CBD lotion massage!


I need to try this. It sounds relaxing.

You definitely should! I would think that there are a bunch of options out west...

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