(WIN BITCOIN) Choose My Next Holiday Destination!

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This is my second ever giveaway on Steemit, with the prize of 0.02 BTC!
To enter, please comment below where I should next travel to on holiday and why, in addition to resteeming and upvoting this post.
In 1 week a winner will be chosen who can either take the prize in Bitcoin or join me on a holiday to the selected destination. Good luck!


Come to the Philippines 🇵🇭
We have more than 7,000 islands to choose from.

This was taken in Carnaza Island

Wow, that is such a beautiful place with a beautiful person if you don't mind me saying, thank you for sharing this and I'll be sure to keep updated on and upvote your posts xx

Hello again @cryptocultivate
I have just got to your introduction of ten days ago. Well done mate!
I'm an old pensioner who has watched generations go down over the years. Recently my kids made sure I had a new android device and within a couple of weeks I had discovered steemit.com
Since then, this is about as close to addictive behaviour I've ever chosen. I was once addicted to morphine having broken 46 bones in less time than it takes to say, but after three weeks in an oxygen tent and then several weeks hung by strings from the ceiling, I didn't have much choice, not when the surgeons said No More, did I have any mobility to say or do anything about cold turkey. So I am very thankful for that very painful experience. Anyway, you made it and are doing well. I need a manager, as I've literally no idea, it not enough having just lost everything when Trump closed US govt for lack of cash. I knew the US economy was fine but confidence in USD felltrenendously and blew my forex right through all my savings before I could withdraw. Ah well. Start again. I will have a look at your https but I am not very computer oriented or trained so I do hope there is an email contact address, as I would not wish to post in public forum or use my bandwidth flagrantly. I hope we can comm by email about investing in crypto's. BTW, have a quick search into ASX-BRN. It was 0.17.5c ea just after xmas, and us the sentient chip for robotics so as it was 0.13.0c ea just 10 days before xmas, and when Budweiser Beer delivered a truck 130 miles Without a driver. Also another ASX which is concerned with security in blockchain and was at end of '17 still only 0.03.5c ea. 4SD.
I might be wrong, but I'm trying very hard to get a forex platform open again, because after Sun 4/2 Amazon is opening it's doors to cryptocurrency trade, which as The shop, will change trading in All other shops. Next Week !

Its great to know youre in a better place now, youre a strong person. my email is [email protected] if you want to contact me

Thank-you, I did last night contact fiverr with a message for you, but you may not have it. I've no idea how that robot works, but it put me off ever using those services. It's bad enough with answering machines on phones, but if a computer is used then the robot should have a wider variety of FORM answers, and should be able to recognise previously used names so answers can be better directed and not reduce custom but enhance communication. Hey, I don't know, I'm just an old man, but I will not talk to a robot, I'll go elsewhere first. I will email you soon. You are obviously in a different time zone so there's no hurry.

Yeah thank you for persevering to contact me, Fiverr can be very temperamental at times. Ive responded to your email with details of what I can offer you :)

Thank-you. I will do some banking and email again tomorrow. Now is 2240aest 2/2.😴

All those far away places. Why not come to Belgium!? Come for the culture, stay for the beer!

Also you can easily manage to visit the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switserland as they are all in a 300 KM radius XD!

Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
Also get to know more about Steem reading the Steem Blue Paper and share your feedback on our Steem Blue Paper Awareness Initiative
All the Best!!!

Hello @steemladder
I've posted on steemit for 47 days. I've never heard of blue paper, have no idea what it is. Nor have the least idea how to find it to read. Navigation on steemit is non-existent as far as I can find-out. I am not a computer oriented user, and have only had a device that accesses since Nov. Non of the FAQs that I read said anything on how to, in a manner to 'idiots'. All advice so far has led to high-end users talking techie to low-end users and passes right over my head. I don't have a cpu but only android phone. So even when I've seen pictorials with arrows pointing, they don't point at anything on my screen. I'm sure dialogues have been written that explain simply all I need, however as they would be in archives after a week, and there is no INDEX, so then they are very rarely found, And if one doesn't comment, can rarely be refound. This is not a complaint, but an observation. Money is not my motivation, so I am very lucky to not have confused myself with this system of which even six weeks watching has taught me very little. I can find no series of 'how to' to which I can return to reread and learn.
Keep on keeping on. 😇

Not a problem, a post of mine about five days ago, on Australia day. #0160
The Peninsular Hotel within 20 metres is not too expensive, or day-trip south out of Brisbane.
But Clifford St is as good as any place on a trip to explore the Gold Coast and SEQ.
Temp of water warm, as possible cyclone in N.Qld. Temp on beach varies at time of day from as little as 27C in early morn, to 38C on some hot mid-arvos.
Rainforest, mountain streams, pony riding, camel riding (occasional), wine tasting, bull-riding, rodeos (seasonal), all in semi-circle around Brisbane, within 120km. 1+ half hr on motorway, perhaps 2 hr if you head into hinterland.
But this is Surfer's Paradise.
No surf last Friday.
Over 70km of surfing beaches, north and south of Brisbane.

I've never tried surfing, this may be something to consider if I choose Brisbane :)


Antarctica! This would be an adventure of a lifetime! Pristine polar wilderness, like it is from a different planet! Penguins!

That looks awesome, its one ill definitely consider. Dont forget to resteem :)

Oops, done.

Come To One Of The Caribean Islands!!
Why.. Well First Off There Are A Variety Of Gorgeous Beaches!!
And If You Like Diving And Snorkelling you would be at home!!
And There Are Festivals If You Go At The Right Time If You Like To Party!
The Soothing Sunset's In The Middle Of The Ocean Is Super Relaxing!
Different Food TO Chose From!! You Could Try Something New!!
You Can Travel From Island To Island Island Hopping!! You Never Know What May Lay On The Other Island!
And Lastly It's Just Beautiful.. That's All!!