MEME for thought – Censorship is getting out of hand

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Hello my fellow Steemians and Crypto investors,

Today I’m not going to write about the crypto world as usual. I just want to share this meme to bring about serious discussion on the issue of growing censorship in America and the Western World in general.

Youtube censorship.jpg
Book burnings can be digital too

Most Americans today think they are safe, they say the same thing is said in every country that was destroyed by repressive totalitarian regimes on both the left and right: “It won’t happen here”.

Well, just ask any Cuban about what they were saying back in 1959, or what Venezuelans were saying in 1995, or Germans in 1933?

A repressive regime is almost never brought about suddenly, it’s a Road to Serfdom that takes many years and a steady erosion of your liberties, little by little, often with consent from the very people they are being taken from. This is a process that was masterfully described by F. Hayek on his book The Road to Serfdom which I recommend you read.

I’m from the shithole totalitarian country known as Cuba and know plenty well where all this censorship and book burnings lead…

So, what do you think? Is online censorship getting out of hand?

Do you think crypto powered decentralization is the answer? What are your favorite decentralized social platforms?

Do share your thoughts and with the Steemit community in the comments below. Don't worry, you won't be censored here, whatever you say!

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XTR 126

"it’s a Road to Serfdom that takes many years and a steady erosion of your liberties,..."

This is the truly scary aspect of the slow descent into totalitarianism. Most people are so busy fending for themselves in the world, that they don't notice it.

Ominous and very valid sentiment . "it’s a Road to Serfdom that takes many years and a steady erosion of your liberties,..." Serfdom in some cases is preferable to what really happens. You need a public very manipulated to be able to pull this off. That's what scares the hell out me.

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it scares me shitless!

It scares me as much as elon musk at the first all digital artificial intelligence passion party...

Hahahahhaha thats proberbly already available for the super rich, they got or did have already the ai prostitutes in japan hahahaha WOW from pornagraphic magerzines to artificial intelligent sex dolls or maybe even humanoid could be used, and all in our life time! And im only half way through mine!!

there's a lot of censorship going on in facebook, they even blame it that russian are using their platform to manipulate the election.

That sounds scary if their platform can manipulate the election.

Sad to see some individuals attempting to impose their own censorship on a very poignant post about censorship by downvoting...

Indeed, but we have people like you to save the day! Thanks @kingbrianboru! Let those people eat their bitterness hehe

Interesting .. well done
I think the person must rely on himself now
Thanks for sharing

The genie is already out of the bottle. This week I saw a trending medium blog getting censored and moving to Steemit (I resteemed that post). So many eyes are seeing how things on this blockchain can be downvoted, but never erased.

The crypto sun is rising, where the light shines it drives away darkness.

This week I saw a trending medium blog getting censored and moving to Steemit

Could you name that blog on here?

I also run a Medium publication and I am hoping soon they move their content on the EOS public blockchain.

So many eyes are seeing how things on this blockchain can be downvoted, but never erased.

But how about the Steem blockchain itself lost its meaningful existence, thus dragging the STEEM price below sub-penny level, would there be any likelihood for the blockchain to survive when all witnesses are no longer interested in maintaining the nodes for nothing in return?

I resteemed it.

And I almost never resteem.

Beautiful point.

I couldn't agree more. I am from India and we here are feeling the same. We have diversified cultures, caste, and religions. So the issue is more grave here.
We have a prime minister who is popular but yet a totalitarian. He has progressive thoughts but yet there is growing concern of censorship here. The media has become a propaganda machine.
Artists and writers' voices are muffled nowadays in the name of religion. But, these concerns also arise from a need which the populace supports too.
Many social media posts are being deleted as there is public uproar. But most of them are politically motivated too to indirectly bring the system under its rule.
I have seen a sudden polarization of thoughts and beliefs which America too suffers from. This polarization is the mantra to win elections and then the losing party supporters feel unsafe as the dominance of the ruling party is at full display.
This is where the players like Facebook, Google, and Youtube succumb to the populist belief and the other voice is choked.
I am recently banned from Facebook. They didn't give any reason to why they banned me.
In a way, I support my prime minister but not on censorship and pro-religion concerns.

Serfdom is a new word I learned today. I never knew that there is such a perfect word which relates to us. Thank you for that as I have a limited knowledge of the language.

I don't know anything about the crypto powered decentralization as I am a newbie to the concept of cryptocurrency. Excuse me for that but I am loving the inhibited posts here. So maybe Steemit is the way forward. I am very new here but hooked on it as I see endless possibilities. But, my government has reservation about cryptocurrency.Maybe that's why I am here subconsciously.

Please write such posts. I loved it.. Thanks

Every time we publish something good to nourish myself, to know, and for that I thank you, thank you for leaving us a good contribution to grow in this ... friend of I hope you follow the successes and triumphs in your life. .. I wish you the best, from Colombia I follow you fully ...

I certain degree, I would say "yes" censorship is becoming out of hand. It seems like people or let's say business are trying to control everything for dominance and power that most of the time leads no deprivation of what's real and true. Some may not agree but that's the way I see it happening in social media and others.

You realize censorship is at its worst when you are doing this.



super on point quote!

It is extremely insane the amount of censorship that is going on across America. I have seen several radio hosts and t.v. personalities be fired for not being PC.

Some of the issue lies in our schools even at the academic level. I seen it first hand in my own college. I have also heard stories of journalist being told that by the end of their semester they were required to have a social cause to fight for. So when our schools and media are constantly creating victims of first amendment rights, you naturally start seeing a tide of change. It has taken time but now the censorship and "victim-hood" seems to be at its all time peak.

A timely discussion. I think blockchain has a role in helping. I know corporations and governments are failing us.

that is just the way the cookie crumbles

I don't know if decentralization is the answer. Is this place resistant to censorship? What if someone posts something that should be removed? Who decides?

Yep, censorship is alive and well not only in the US, but all over the world, one most of the major social media platforms, mainstream media, etc.
It seems like some people are buying into the propaganda rather than speaking out, so it makes one wonder, what can really be done?
Only time will tell.

Reddit blocked here in indonesia...

That sucks. To be fair, Reddit attracts a lot of trashy / bad conversation.

this is the reason I started exploring Steemit and am trying to learn more about blockchain. I originally wanted to create a website for artist to share content but with YouTube cutting everyone whose not in the big leagues, I see a need for more than content sharing. Hopefully Blockchain can help

Has there ever been a country that was really free? Or is freedom just for the very top of the pyramid?

It depends what your definition of freedom is.. Such an abstract concept will never be met with consensus..

There's certainly censorship issues going on with social media companies based on what they want to have visible on their platform. However, it's up to those companies to decide what they want on their sites. You have a write to voice your opinions, but others are not obligated to assist you in doing so.
With plenty of alternative video platforms like, or vimeo among others, users that find their voice surpressed on one platform are more than free to go elsewhere.


Excellent post 👍 and I love all the feedback your getting

Social media platforms are terrible ideas! Very addictive, ego boosters, and created by governments in the first place. Long live Crypto P2P and fuck anyone who thinks they are higher than someone else to say what they can or cant do even if they are in a group.

To much sensor ship going on every where it's crazy

Governments cracking down on fake news is rattling my chain, so-called free western civilizations (like Germany and The Netherlands) are passing laws left and right to counter fake news; so at best they'll will be trying to criminalize opinions not favouring their own. You can go on and imagine what the worst could be.
What happened to the times where you could simply go to court and sue someone for publishing something that you thought was untrue and make them retract or rectify if the judge ruled in your favour?
Although litigious this system works and is allegedly independent. (appointment of judges is hardly non-political tbh)
Now the winners of the last elections will have a go at whatever they don't like, so how will opposition parties gain ground if their objections or whistleblows are stifled for being fake news?!?

Great post. We need to do away with censorship! xo

Internet censorship is nuts. A lot of my favorite independent journalists are ranting and raving about it these days.

Censorship is getting out of hand. I already miss net neutrality.

This is why people who want a decentralised internet should have invested in tokens such as SUB, these companys will bring freedoms, joined with Tor for example, so that people all over the world can go online freely.
The times we are witnessing are just so mad to comprehend whats all happening around the world. But the thing is its all happening NOW and its still early days. And like has already been said its happening and not many realise it, or are even to distracted to care.

I hear so many YouTuber's complain about demonitization. This one girl got her videos taken down because she refused a partnership or something like that from a big company. I always comment and suggest Dtube. Steemit will always be better than youtube/facebook. Time will tell.

Anyone who still has trust in this society is just as oblivious as many of us were. Acknowledging what is happening is a large step. Many people have not lost all faith yet.

I hope so, decentralization gives powers to all. And I believe many big companies are also going to use this crypto technology in the coming future.

I did upvote, resteem and follow,,,, this very good article.

Thank you @cryptoeagle for sharing

It's really bad times to much censorship great post 👏

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Ohh really nice post 😍

Great post!

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Hello @crytoeagle, everything related to cryptocurrencies is relevant to me, I have investments in bitcoin and litecoin, I will continue investing, I trust that the panorama will change.
Blessings and thanks for sharing :)

I fear censorship less than the daily manipulation.... aka. mindf*ck.

wow great meme,

Definitely time for humanity to switch to sovereign blockchain systems. Fuck the Queen, every conscious being is a Sovereign!

Wonderful photography,I like this funny.

Certainly a case of the slowly heated frog.

"We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing"

Our danger won't be fully apparent until it is too late

I hear so many YouTuber's complain about demonitization.

In fact, you wrote a very interesting topic about writing about this kind of content that I have seen before, that it was very good to me that your dignity! btw it was too much funy.


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interesting post once again thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

Wonderful article..
like it so much..@cryptoeagle
Your previous blog on "why china can't stop crypto"
is well too..
thanks for sharing..
Cryptocurrenency is rising by the time to time..
People are fending to theirselves for that it decreases..If the Demand is increasing,,This crypto will increase too..
It's the chain of Demand..

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I trust along these lines, decentralization offers forces to all. Furthermore, I accept numerous enormous organizations are likewise going to utilize this crypto innovation in the coming future.

Indeed!! Amazing and authentic I think. I hope this post can cover your cost!

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Lovely day!

Just i wanna know that how to show my post on trending . Can you tell me?

wonderful post....thanks for this..........///////////

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A lot of censorship indeed! There are so many fakers and bots and spammers and scammers out there that prey on every social media user...and they rarely get caught. There are fake accounts for almost any famous person that you can think of....then why do regular people get the ax? A Twitter account of mine recently got banned and suspended...I had less than three hundred followers and only posted genuine content and never hated...but somehow I was considered to be something negative by the powers that be. Account shut down. That's it! So yea...too much censorship..and misguided as well! And here I thought that censorship could be helpful...2LIVECREW got so famous when the world was told to hate 'em! Nice post. -Respect

this is great!

post looks loyality... but you know there are a lot of people who is stand up just for crypto . they are totally involved in this.. i think without this many people have to suffur a lot

You have very good meme. In which there is nothing known about the rule of 1959.

"As you sow, so you reap!" I hope everything will turn out alright!

YouTube got shot up for censoring that woman's YouTube channel.

Your photos are safe with us:

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