Utilize your time judiciously

in #life3 years ago

What a rightly said it is that “time is money”. When I was a child, I didn’t aware the hidden proper meaning of this

But now when I have known what’s the true meaning of it, it shivers my senses. Why we give the equal status to time as

money. Time has also that equivalent importance as money if we use it wisely.

Many people even don’t know how to spend their leisure time. LEISURE time is a blessing for you if you are vigilant to

realize about it. Make it so productive. And this productivity depends on your situation. Even to love yourself, care

yourself is also not a misuse of time but waste your energies on a wrong one it’s a havoc and dissipation for you. It is

very renowned that man’s free time have authority what he is going to become in future, beast or a gentle man. So,

shake your personality and come out of the stupid indolent thing. Make a worth of yourself by using your time shrewdly.

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