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The Pandemic has a good and bad effect for me lately, for the good point it had made me to discover that I have Tuberculosis when I had this chest X-ray screening for dialysis patients to see if we have lung conditions.

The Pulmonologist then told me this and that because of the result of the chest X-ray and ultimately making me take the medicine for Tuberculosis which I will going to complete my therapy in the next few days.

The therapy for Tuberculosis goes for six months and it just passed so quickly that I can't believe that I just would be completing the whole course of it in a few days from now. And now I feel much better with my lungs as the gurgling sound just went away which is the factor which I assume that I do have the TB even though the other signs and symptoms are absent.

That is the good effect of this pandemic for me so I thank God that I was able to get out of being a TB sufferer for that matter. I am expecting to be more energetic today, to gain more strength and real mass for a body weight but that didn't happen but at least the thing that I was complaining about my lung now had been solved.

May I did gained weight because I could not possibly attain a much lower post-dialysis dry weight so I am just putting it into account while the added strength for my body after these long anti-TB therapy hasn't gone into fruition, it is a mystery for me why I got weaker over the years.

But I am still enjoying my normal hemoglobin levels, it is something that I could not explain why my Hg levels is normal considering that my Kidneys are both busted and should not produce Erythropoeitin hormone anymore and yet they are now doing that and is now saving me from being suffering from insomnia and further degeneration of my overall health condition.

I could say that probably God is working for me so I am thankful about it even though I am still worried about my future as a patient and for my parents too because they are old, I just have to trust God in what he has in stored for me. All I have to do is to continue my fight and maybe someday I can show everyone that I already got the scepter of triumph over some of the things that had been my health problems all my life.


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