Chicken gepuk lombok ijo

in #life4 years ago (edited)


Ingredients :
3 whole chicken thighs, clean, kerat2
Chicken spice, puree:
4 grains of garlic
3 cm turmeric

Seasoning :
10-12 pieces of green chili
10 pieces of green chilies / according to taste
10 grains of red onion
3 grains of garlic
1 green tomato
tip of a teaspoon Terasi bakar,
1 tsp sugar
Little pepper powder

Spice flavor :

1 bay leaf
3 cm galangal, geprek

Steps :

Mix chicken and chicken seasoning, give enough water, ungkep / rebus kurleb 30 minutes.

Fried, not too dry, at 2 pm using ulekan.

saute spice lombok ijo and spice cemplung with a little cooking oil until fragrant and oily and seasoned.

Enter the chicken, stir gently and cook for a while until the spices seep into the chicken.

Lift, serve

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