Split layer cookies

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Ingredients :
10 tbsp rice flour
7 tbsp tapioca flour
7 tbsp of wheat flour
8 tbsp sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
800 ml of coconut milk
2 pandan leaves, tie the knot
Dye pink, orange and light green
Pasta paste for the top and bottom layer


mix and sieve the three types of flour, set aside.

Heat coconut milk, sugar, salt and pandan leaves. There is no need to boil until the sugar dissolves.

Chill the coconut milk then pour it into sifted flour. Stir well, if there is a menggerindil, strain dough.

heat the steamer, all heat the baking pan that has been heat-resistant plastic.

For dough; white at most, 2 spoonfuls of vegetables for pandan paste and each 1 tablespoon vegetable batter for other colors.

Pour 1 tablespoon vegetable pandan dough, steam for 5 minutes. pour 1 tablespoon vegetable batter white, steam again 5 minutes.

With a tablespoon, sprinkle the dough pink, or can be poured long and steamed for 3 minutes. Take turns with the white dough until the dough runs out, and last steamed for 30 minutes so that it will not work.

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