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RE: The Story of Money

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You are deep into the rabbit hole but I think you are definitely not hallucinating, quite the opposite I think you are seeing the future.

I really like how you say that with crypto it's In "Stories We Trust", because this is what crypto is backed by - mathematics and a story or idea.

Having said this though I think that while most crypto is a story today Steem is already something physical and functioning thus if you ask me the value should be much higher then most other currencies who are still just stories some might even be called fairy tales.

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I guess the main point of steem might be the way it packages story and currency together in a social network. Well most users are passive investors so having to "work" on steem instead of running a mining machine might seem like a daunting task :P

For me it is perfect because I don't think I could set up a mining rig hehe , I prefer grinding here on Steemit.

when you say it packages story and currency together that makes me understand a little better what you are getting and at with the unique nature of Steemit.

Currency is in a sense now being redefined. I mean before we did bartering, changing one thing for another, then we changed different kind of services which we value differently, now we are sharing stories hehe . I really like the ladder form of sharing as I believe that nothing is worth more than good knowledge

True. I don't understand why it came down so fast after the announcements of SMTs. It was up only a few days.