Dangers of smoking

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Cigarettes are very dangerous for health because in cigarettes there are approximately 500 dangerous content. When cigarettes are smoked, 7500 more harmful chemicals are produced by the tobacco smoke. And at least there are 70 substances that cause various cancers.

Here we will disclose some of the harmful substances contained in cigarettes:

Acetic Acid, hair dyes.
Benzene, rubber production material.
Tar, asphalt material.
Toluene, a material for making paint.
Arsenic, a substance used for rat poison.

The following effects of smoking:

  1. Increase Risk of Stroke.
  2. Causes of Heart Disease.
  3. Causing Lung Disease.

That's some of the bad effects of smoking for health that can be deadly, hopefully this becomes your consideration in making decisions.

Turn off your cigarette before you turn off the cigarette.

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