in #life4 years ago

Loneliness taught me to be more able to enjoy life, to be able to press the pause button on my life without me need to worry, I also can think peacefully about the day that I have lived, what has happened, is there a meaningful life lesson that can we take it from this. Loneliness itself also gives us time to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Loneliness teaches us to make peace with thoughts and feelings that have been inconsistent and often stressful. In these moments also where our creativity arises, because we can focus on listening to the conscience and also thoughts that we may not have been aware of. We also get to know ourselves better because we do not need to listen to the voices of people who are noisy and disturbing our minds and hearts. We can also "cleanse" ourselves from feelings of anger, disappointment, and other negative emotions by being at peace with negative thoughts. Lots of benefits when you can make peace with yourself.

And that can not happen if we can not enjoy time with ourselves.

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