How the world will change in 80 years?

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Biochaking, houses printed on 3d-printers, genetic engineering, robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) - all this is our daily routine, the fruits of scientific knowledge and their applications. The future is already here, invites us to enjoy his gifts.

Not only scientists, but also futurists (people who with enviable vigor describe what the society will become in tens, if not hundreds of years) like to look ahead, writing unprecedented breakthroughs in science, although not always such works remain on sheets of paper, some of them materialize and acquire a very real form of the everyday life of mankind ..

1973 - that was when the world's first cell phone was launched. You just imagine the reaction of people, were broken and began to transform all aspects of the life of man, society.
But this is a retrospective (a look into the past), we leave it to people interested in the history of these or those discoveries and will go with you to a not so distant future.

Ray Kurzweil is an inventor, scientist, futurist, writer and those. Director of Google in the field of machine learning and natural language processing. He is known for many interesting scientific and technological forecasts, by the way, many of which have already been realized. This is the Man who prophesied the collapse of the USSR, as well as the appearance of electronic assistants like Siri and Alisa.

115 out of 147 of his forecasts are correct. The level of reaffirmability of Ray is equal to as much as 78%.

We will highlight the most interesting forecasts and give a small commentary on each of them.

2019 year
Our Humanity will cope with diseases that kill 95% of people in developed countries. Many of the processes underlying aging will be very slow and perhaps the world will discover the secret of rejuvenation.

It is not possible to doubt this, mankind will be able to find medicines against the overwhelming number of diseases that kill us in the 21st century, but whether the inevitable process of some evolution of viruses will stop here in order to avoid a re-wave of recurrence of new diseases, humanity will need to create some kind of reservation absolutely tight and disinfected. As for the syndrome of "Benjamin Button", it is hard to believe, but to stop aging and prolong all the biochemical processes in the body for at least a hundred years, almost realistically, this will help biohacking, a "Philosopher's stone" with a short-term effect, both negative and positive aspects.


Closer By the end of the 10th anniversary, artificial intelligence will be invented, which will pass the Turing test, which will sum up his ability to reflect like a living person. Virtual reality will achieve the highest level, that it can not be recognized from the real, without special checks. Nanomachines will be widely used in medicine. Manufacture of things based on nanotechnology will be used everywhere, which will overhaul the economy. Nanorobots will be able to penetrate into cells to "feed" them and eliminate waste.

People have already plunged into a semi-atrophied state, overloading their brains with a huge stream of information coming from an array of databases called the Internet. All of us can hardly imagine ourselves without a gadget in our hands, social networks, movies on TV and parasitizing the consciousness of online games, these levers of influence plunge more and more into virtual reality, a step that was made not so long ago, the invention of Viar points - virtual reality , a complete immersion in the artificial environment, all in a scenario that was predicted by another world futurist, if one can call it that, Ray Bradbury in the work "451 degrees Fahrenheit". The forecasts of the creation of nanorobots and bots will lead people to the point of rethinking all the usual ways of "the old woman of applied medicine". Also, the usual consumption of food will lose its meaning.


It will be possible to "load the mind." People will be able to live on the Internet for days, projecting their bodies wherever they want and in real or virtual reality, at their discretion, will have the opportunity to "telepathically" communicate and transfer data to each other via wireless networks. It will be possible to edit the memories and personality of a person. There will be "human bodies 3.0", which will not have a definite bodily form. The appearance of the body will also be possible to change at will.

At first glance, a strange and slightly repulsive perspective, change your form, and the filling will remain the same, as in the case of many reforms, before transforming space and form, one should think about the spiritual and moral component, just imagine what opportunities people will get if only desire and thought will allow to change the natural essence of the body. The feature film "Surrogates" and the well-known trilogy "The Matrix". Welcome to the "bright future", gentlemen!


Here the most disappointing forecasts are born: "The earth will become one giant computer, those people who want to preserve their more or less natural state will live in specialized reserves, the AI ​​will go beyond the Earth and expand its influence on other galaxies."

This is the vision of the future of mankind and the Earth, one of the most popular futurists of our time. You will agree that it seems like an act of self-immolation, to lose the imaginary apex of progress and the status of the "Kings of the food chain", following the irresistible desire to discover something new and unexplored. There are also two options, or a person, confirming the status of a rational being, will cope and be able to control all the offspring created by him, or be like a butterfly flying to the flames of the Technical Revolution in space with a distorted virtual reality.


I think the scariest thing out of all of this is the AI and Virtual reality. Notice how tech starts off most of the time having good intentions and then it become invasive and corrupted. I think the same will happen with VR and AI.

The world is devolving, not evolving. Everything moves toward decay and disorder. It's the law of Entropy. We will see the same with all the new tech. Even though it seems great in the short term I believe tit will also play a major role in our downfall. Have you seen Black Mirror?

I like your opinion. In the short term, technological progress looks attractive. I have the impression that this will solve many problems of mankind. Your comment made me think. Thank you for your attention. I haven't seen Black mirror, is it interesting?

If you haven't already seen it I think you would enjoy the show "Altered Carbon" - it's a Netflix show about a future where 'death' has been solved by technology and all kinds of crazy sci-fi future stuff is going on - like people jumping in and out of bodies, AI's running businesses all by themselves, flying cars, and beaming to other planets.