Guardians of the Tomb - Official Trailer

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Guardians of the Tomb is an ancient movie dating back 200 BC China. The trailer seems awesome and hopefully the movie would be awesome too.

A team of scientists while trying to make an ancient discovery loses one of their colleague and in their quest of finding him get themselves trapped underground against deadly man eating spiders, only to discover the secret behind it's power and intelligence.

The film releases in the US on Feb 23, 2018.


good movie, but terrible we see, good video comrades

Superb trailer

Wow nice movie,The movies of this movie seem to be very dangerous.
But these horror movies are my favorite. And if the movie is released on 23/2/2018, then there is hope for watching this movie first.
Thanks for sharing

Nothing to say, just awesome trailer

if the movie is already running, I will watch it, it looks like a good movie

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Can't wait for this movie nice post

I'm waiting this movies , thanks for sharing the trailer

the movie look very scare to me, i dare not to bring my son to watch with me

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