CLUTTER : voluntary steemplicity : part 1 :

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The concept of voluntary simplicity simply means choosing to lead a more simple life.

In the series : voluntary steemplicity : I'm going to look at voluntary simplicity, its history, its tenets, its methods, its promoters, and also how Steemit and voluntary simplicity can intersect.

Today, let's look at clutter.

Whenever I try to simplify any area of my life, the very first thing I do is unclutter it, from my email inbox to my bathroom to my brain. Removing clutter from any area of your life allows you to think more clearly about it. And in physical spaces, an uncluttered environment lets you think more clearly, period.

Clutter in a room is more than unsightly. It's a distraction.

Profefssional organizer Regina Leeds says that clutter actually causes the brain to become agitated. That's because clutter creates a sort of noise that can interrupt our ability to think clearly. Have you ever noticed how a clean, uncluttered room seems more peaceful, and more quiet?

An emotional attachment to our “stuff” can also keep us from de-cluttering. We associate our things, especially old unnecessary things, with memories, and this "stuff" can actually serve as concrete physical representation of an untouchable memory. I'm not recommending getting rid of all items from the past. But if clutter is an issue, it may be that too many old memories are cluttering up the present.

I'm finding that even my Steemit experience needs to be occasionally un-cluttered. One of the areas I find gets most distracting is the list of accounts I follow. So I go through it periodically to simplify it. If there are accounts that are no longer active, I clear them out. I also unfollow accounts that resteem clutter my feed by posting or resteeming way too much. What I would prefer is the ability, like I had on Facebook, to hide someone from my feed but not completely sever ties. Maybe that feature will eventually find its way onto Steemit, as well.

But the greatest thing I ever learned about clutter is that it always shows up as a noun. You can't clutter your life (or your house) with verbs! So when I find a few extra dollars in my pocket at the end of the month, I try to spend that money on experiences rather than more stuff. Travel, theater, spa time, anything that won't end up on a shelf back home that I'll have to dust and polish.


I always feel better after sorting my mess out, I feel lighter:)

Me too. In fact, if I'm trying to lose weight, I need a clean house. Messes make me hungry. I suppose I should've probably added that in the post. =D

I agree if your house is in order you feel better, I feel weighed down when my house is untidy

I came to this because I am trying to see if there is a way to filter my feed. Guess not at the moment but one day maybe. A couple of the people I follow author really good content and I enjoy interacting with them but they ALSO resteem WAYYYYY too much. If I could filter away the resteems to only see their original content it would make my experience MUCH better :P Anyway, Thanks for the good article!

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