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RE: What Have I Just Done? Why Did My Health Insurance Want My Blood!

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You can create scenarios where they are trying to help you, and others to harm. Maybe they are taking blood sample and are going to check for a variety of diseases and or other issues that can be deduced from the sample. So they can contact you if they find something that could be averted if you started treatment early, which would save them money versus starting treatment late. 50% of total medical spend on you will happen in the last 60 days of your life. So they don't want to be covering you in the last 60 days. They want you to make it to retirement and onto Medicare, before the big health spend occurs.

That is the positive scenario.

Lots of other negative scenarios can be invented.

Simple approach - why not justask why they are taking the blood samples, what they are doing with them, and how that is helping your health?

Just ask, is a simple approach that is often effective.

If they won't answer of explain, be worried and concerned


The answers we have been getting is to "make us aware of our current health and try to better it". Isn't this why they pay for 1 free physical with my doctor every year? Everything is about money these days so I am sure they benefit some how.

You will find that they won't tell the truth, even if you think they will. Especially if there is an agenda, and there is an agenda.

There is always an agenda, so true.